Thursday, December 24, 2015

There is Oswald's passport photo, which he used to travel to Russia, and there is the visa photo allegedly attached to his Cuban Visa application from when he went to Mexico City (though I don't believe he went there). But, the weird thing is: they both have the same photographic defect, a defect over his right ear in each picture.

First, here is the passport photo.

Second, does that look like the Lee Harvey Oswald of fame to you? Because, he looks too husky to me. I don't believe the Oswald of fame was ever that husky. Note also his sloping shoulders. The Oswald of fame didn't have sloping shoulders. Note also his thick, tubular neck. The Oswald didn't have such a thick neck. And what about the face? It is a composite image where the left side of one face and the right side of another face were put together. And that's why the two sides are not symmetrical. For instance, his right eye (on our left) looks larger and more shallow; his left eye (on our right) looks small and deeper. The two sides of his nose look asymmetrical. (I know that that can happen, but it so happens that Oswald's nose was very symmetrical.) His lips also are asymmetrical. But, you'll also notice that over his right ear (on our left) there is a weird artifact; the background seems to be overlapping his ear.

 Do you see the white over his ear? It's almost like somebody painted over it. Well, the exact same defect occurs over the right ear of Oswald in the visa photo.

It's even more striking in the visa photo because the colors are more polarized. But, that is the same defect in the same spot.

It is not OK because things like that don't just happen. Mathematically, the odds of the same photographic defect happening by chance are too small to consider possible. And remember: this is the JFK assassination we are talking about. 

Of course, the visa photo has got problems of its own. Look at the unnaturally long eyebrow on his right side, our left. It certainly wasn't like that. Look at his super-wide chin. It certainly wasn't like that. Notice that he doesn't have the sloping shoulders, and that's not something that would vary; you either got them or you don't. Yet, he also looks too thick and stocky to be Oswald. Neither one of those images are legit. Lee Harvey Oswald may be the most photographically altered person in history. 

And let's remember that this visa photo of Oswald, which is I presume is partly him, is the only one from Mexico City that is even remotely him. All the others are impostors.

But, the weird anomaly in the only real photo of him means that there are no real photos of him from Mexico City. And that's because he didn't go to Mexico City. He really didn't.  

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