Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Christmas Day 2015, and wouldn't it be nice if the foes of JFK truth would take a break from lying, just for today, just for Christmas. 

The fact that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President John Kennedy is so nakedly obvious that it is surreal that anybody believes that he did. But, I can assure you that nobody believes it based on the facts of the case. The facts of the case don't begin to support it. The people who believe it believe it in spite of the facts of the case.

They believe it because they want to believe it. There's no other reason. It's a doctrine, and it's like believing a religious doctrine.

And really, the whole narrative of what happened is unintelligible. They had to know in advance that Oswald had instantly become the most famous assassin in the history of assassins, that this was the biggest murder case of all time, and that people would be pouring over it for years, decades, and even centuries. Therefore, they didn't record his interviews? They recorded Frazier's and Ruby's, but not Oswald's?

And look what they never reported: his alibi for the Tippit shooting, his means of getting from his room to the theater, his reason for going to the theater... and these questions that subsequent investigations ignored as well.  

And look at the contradictions in the various accounts of Oswald's words. Fritz said that Oswald said that he was eating lunch with other employees at the time of the shots. But, Fritz didn't even name the other employees, and his interrogator, Joseph Ball, didn't ask. But, James Bookhout, who was also present, put it entirely differently. He said that Oswald just said that he was on the first floor during the shooting. That's the first floor of a building as big as a city block. Then, according to Bookhout, Oswald said he didn't eat lunch until AFTER the shooting. Were they talking about the same interview? Reportedly, yes. 

Then, there's Postal Inspector Harry Holmes. He was invited to attend Oswald's last interview, for which he wrote a detailed report afterwards. But, his report included NOTHING about Mexico City- not a word. Yet, months later, he recalled all these details that Oswald supposedly gave them about Mexico City, a veritable fountain of information which poured out of him. And that was after he previously denied going there at all, which was reported by three people. And none of the others who attended the final interview said a word about Oswald reversing himself on Mexico City.

So, did Harry Holmes just lie and say that Oswald said those things? It appears so.  

Then, there is the crucial testimony of James Jarman. He said that Oswald indicated that he didn't know why people were gathering on the sidewalk. Doesn't that mean that Oswald didn't know he would have an opportunity to kill Kennedy? Or was Oswald just putting on an act for Jarman? To create an ignorance alibi for himself? If so, then why didn't he use it? 

"I didn't kill the President. I didn't even know he was going to pass the building. Just ask James Jarman. He'll tell you that I asked him about it. 'Why are all those people gathering on the sidewalk?' That's what I asked him. Go on and ask him. He'll tell you."

There is no record of Oswald saying that. It's certain that he didn't. Isn't it far more likely that he sincerely asked Jarman what he did because he honestly didn't know why people were gathering?   

If this was just the story of an innocent man who was framed for the murder of another man, and that was all there was to it, we wouldn't be talking about it. Of course, the importance comes from who John Kennedy was, but even that isn't the full explanation. The importance comes from the fact that for over half a century, all the institutions of our Society, particularly the government and the media, but also the schools, the libraries, the foundations, the churches, and the corporations, have not only supported the official story but have labored vigorously and earnestly to sell the lie, to perpetuate the myth, and to safeguard the fairy tale that Oswald killed Kennedy.    

But, hope abounds this Christmas Day that JFK truth will prevail- despite all the institutions that are organized against it. And that's because the evidence is out there; it is available, and it is never going to become unavailable. It is on the Internet, and they can't turn off the Internet. The very act of trying would start a revolution. 

So, the Evidence Genie is out of the bottle, and she is out for good; they are never getting her back in. And, the evidence is compelling. You wouldn't know it within the confines of JFK forums which are dominated by Ops, but in the real world, people are receptive to the evidence which exonerates Oswald when it is shown to them, such as the images of him in the doorway. 

And the outcome of JFK truth is certain to be revolutionary, although I don't mean in any kind of violent way. I mean that the realization of JFK truth is going to revolutionize the way people look at government, look at media, and even how they look at history. The dissemination of JFK truth is going to turn things upside down and inside out, and I mean in a good way. After all: the official story of JFK is a major societal lie, but it's not the only lie in the system; far from it. Don't you think the revelation of JFK truth is going to bring upheaval to all the systemic lies? Don't you think it is going to cause people to question a great many things they have been told?

It's heartening to know that JFK is still big, that the resistance to the State lies about it is still strong- after more than half a century. In fact, the only thing that compares to it is 9/11, which is even larger and even better organized. Look at the Architects and Engineers who are sponsoring a scientific study of the collapse of Building 7 at the engineering school of a state university. I like to think of the Oswald Innocence Campaign as the JFK corollary to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.      

So, there is cause for optimism this Christmas morn. Truth is rising. The progress of JFK truth has been great, and more is sure to come. We all know how this is going to end: with universal awareness of Oswald's innocence- and all that that entails. And that is as certain to happen as water flowing downhill.  


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