Sunday, December 20, 2015

This concerns Oswald refusing to take a polygraph test. Did he really refuse? Or is it just a lie? 

Will Fritz reported that Oswald refused the polygraph, but that was in the same report in which he said that Oswald said he was eating lunch with "other employees" during the shooting, which was an obvious and certain lie. 

Follow the reasoning: 

1) Oswald was framed and innocent.
2) The people who framed him knew he was innocent and therefore knew that he would pass a polygraph test in denying it.
3) Therefore, they had to know before Oswald was arrested that they didn't want him to take a polygraph test.
4) Therefore, they would have put in motion the necessary influences to preclude a polygraph test before Oswald was even arrested.

So, did they just get lucky that Oswald didn't want one? Whoah! Close call. Or, was his refusal, which we cannot confirm, just made up? Note this: No mention was made of Oswald refusing a polygraph until after he was dead. 

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