Wednesday, December 23, 2015

You want me to argue with that while you ignore an obviously altered photo?

But, let's look at your points. You say Marina said that Oswald went to Mexico City? No, she didn't. Not at first. At first, she didn't know a thing about it. But, months later, her "memory" was restored. So, you need to address why she didn't know about it from the beginning.

People on the bus? Well, they had an Oswald double who actually looked like him. 

There were lots of Oswald sightings that we know were false, and even officialdom says are false, such as, sightings of Oswald driving when he couldn't drive. 

Get something into your dense head: Galbraith: Eye-witness testimonies are fraught with error all the time. How do you think Barry Scheck has been able to save the lives of dozens of men on Death Row? It's because he used DNA evidence to overcome faulty eye-witness testimonies. So, that's true in general, but in this case? Forget about it. Someone claims to have seen Oswald on a bus, and you think that counts? It doesn't count for chit.

And why are you saying photos, plural, Galbraith? All the photos are impostors, except for one, this one, and it is highly altered. It is evidently altered.

It's an altered photo, Galbraith, and the Cubans didn't alter it. And because it is an altered photo, it doesn't count. Furthermore, IT WAS NOT TAKEN IN MEXICO CITY. So, even if it were legitimate, which it's not, it would not prove that Oswald had gone to Mexico City. It would only prove that somebody got a photo of Oswald and attached it to that app. But, the whole photo is disqualified because it is altered.

And the KGB agents????!!!!  They are ex-KGB agents who were now working for us. They weren't still working for the KGB.

You got nothing, Galbraith!!  Nothing but lies. But, I agree with you about one thing: let the people come here and read both sides, what you say and what I have to show. And let them decide for themselves. So be it. So let it be done.  

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