Saturday, December 12, 2015

The central issue of the JFK assassination is NOT whether there was a lone-nut assassin or a conspiracy. The central issue is whether Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty or innocent. 

So, who defined the debate as a debate about whether there existed a conspiracy? It wasn't Oswald defenders. It was Oswald accusers. It's their perspective. It's their term. It's their set-up. It's the way they set up the pieces on the board. And we should refuse to play the game by their rules. 

The issue is whether Oswald was murderer or if he was an innocent man, as he claimed to be; framed and innocent.  

You could say that in claiming that Oswald was innocent that it inherently entails a conspiracy- and that's true. But still, it's not the central issue. If Oswald was guilty, there could also be a conspiracy. So, it's just a smokescreen to put the emphasis on the question of conspiracy.

The emphasis needs to be put on whether Oswald was guilty or innocent, and to put it any other way is a form of evasion.  

That's why if someone asks you what you are, don't say that you are a conspiracy theorist. Say that you are an Oswald defender, that you deny his guilt, that he didn't kill anybody. 

It is very politically incorrect to even question Oswald's guilt. What is politically correct is to ask whether Oswald could really have done it alone. But, it is a complete cop-out to go to that space. And, the people who go there- there isn't a dime's worth of difference between them and the lone-nutters. They are one and the same breed. They just have a slightly different splash of color; that's all. 

So, what I'm saying is: get mad! If someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, get mad. Tell them that you are NOT a conspiracy theorist; you are an Oswald defender. 

I also like the term JFK truther, although it's not as definitive. But, what I like about JFK truther is that it calls up the idea of 9/11 truther. And that's fine by me. Everybody knows what the latter term means: someone who disputes and rejects the official story of 9/11. And frankly, I think that 9/11 truth and JFK truth are sister movements, and both seem to be advancing together. 

But, conspiracy theorist? The purpose of that term is to mock and degrade people like us.  It only serves our enemies and not us. So please, don't use it.  

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