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Read this by Fritz:

Mr. BALL. What did he say when he was asked if he had been to Mexico City?
Mr. FRITZ. He said he had not been. He did say he had been to Russia, he was in Russia, I believe he said for some time.
Mr. BALL. He said he had not been in Mexico City?
Mr. FRITZ. At that time he told me he had not been in Mexico City.
Mr. BALL. Who asked the question whether or not he had been to Mexico City?
Mr. FRITZ. Mr. Hosty. I wouldn't have known anything about Mexico City.

And this by Hosty:

Mr. McCLOY. I didn't hear you repeating your testimony that he denied ever having been in Mexico.
Mr. HOSTY. Oh, yes; he was being questioned about his activities outside or the United States, where he had been outside of the United States. He told Captain Fritz that he had only been to Mexico to visit at Tijuana on the border, and then he did admit having been in Russia.
Mr. McCLOY. He only admitted to having been at Tijuana in Mexico?
Mr. HOSTY. Right.
Mr. McCLOY. Not to Mexico City.
Mr. HOSTY. Not to Mexico City; that is right.

And this by Bookhout:

Mr. STERN - During the first interview was he asked whether he had ever been in Mexico, and if so, by whom? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - Yes; I recall Hosty asking him if He had ever been in Mexico. 
Mr. STERN - What did he say? 
Mr. BOOKHOUT - He said he had not. I believe he mentioned he had been in Tijuana, Mexico, I believe, but I believe the question was whether he had ever been in Mexico City. 

So, Oswald most definitely denied going to Mexico City.

Why do I believe them about this when I know they lied about other things? It's because they had no reason to lie about this. I'm sure they would have preferred to say that Oswald admitted going to Mexico City since that is what the Warren Commissioners wanted to hear.  

And then, we get to the evil Postal Inspector Harry Holmes, pertaining to Oswald's final interview, minutes before he was killed:

Mr. BELIN. Did he ever say anything about going to Mexico? Was that ever covered?
Mr. HOLMES. Yes. To the extent that mostly about--well--he didn't spend, "Where did you get the money?" He didn't have much money and he said it didn't cost much money. He did say that where he stayed it cost $26 some odd, small ridiculous amount to eat, and another ridiculous small amount to stay all night, and that he went to the Mexican Embassy to try to get this permission to go to Russia by Cuba, but most of the talks that he wanted to talk about was how he got by with a little amount.
They said, "Well, who furnished you the money to go to Mexico?"
"Well, it didn't take much money." And it was along that angle, was the conversation.
Mr. BELIN. Did he admit that he went to Mexico?
Mr. HOLMES. Oh, yes.

Mr. BELIN. Did he say what community in Mexico he went to?
Mr. HOLMES. Mexico City.
Mr. BELIN. Did he say what he did while he was there?
Mr. HOLMES. He went to the Mexican consulate, I guess.
(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. BELIN. Now, with regard to this Mexican trip, did he say who he saw in Mexico?
Mr. HOLMES. Only that he went to the Mexican consulate or Embassy or something and wanted to get permission, or whatever it took to get to Cuba. They refused him and he became angry and he said he burst out of there, and I don't know. I don't recall now why he went into the business about how mad it made him.
He goes over to the Russian Embassy. He was already at the American. This was the Mexican--he wanted to go to Cuba.
Then he went to the Russian Embassy and he said, because he said then he wanted to go to Russia by way of Cuba, still trying to get to Cuba and try that angle and they refused and said, "Come back in 30 days," or something like that. And, he went out of there angry and disgusted.
Mr. BELIN. Did he go to the Cuban Embassy, did he say or not?
Mr. HOLMES. He may have gone there first, but the best of my recollection, it might have been Cuban and then the Russian, wherever he went at first, he wanted to get to Cuba, and then he went to the Russian to go by Cuba.
Mr. BELIN. Did he say why he wanted to go to Cuba?
Mr. BELIN. Did--this wasn't reported in your interview in the memorandum that you wrote?
Mr. BELIN. Is this something that you think you might have picked up from just reading the papers, or is this something you remember hearing?
Mr. HOLMES. That is what he said in there.

The Mexican consulate? In Mexico? No way! It was supposed to be the Cuban consulate in Mexico, the dumb pluck. And look at all the waffling the guy did: "he went to the consulate or Embassy or something... he burst out of there, and I don't know....he wanted to get permission or whatever... or something like that..."

And then notice: Belin cornered him by pointing out that none of this was included in his report, his "memorandum" following the interview. And Holmes admitted it. I bet that was followed by a gulp. Then, Belin asked him point blank: "You sure this (what you're saying now about Mexico) wasn't something you picked up afterwards from reading the papers?" Ha! Holmes' replied: "That is what he said in there." A bold-faced lie.

Now think about it. We know for absolute certain that Oswald denied going to Mexico City. Therefore, if it was going to come down to him providing details about his trip to Mexico City, then it would have to start with some kind of segue from his previous denial.

"I know I denied going to Mexico City, but the truth is: I did go there. I want to come clean about it now. I want to clear the air. This is what happened:"

Or, are we supposed to believe that they just started asking him questions again about Mexico City, and this time he started providing affirmative answers and not a word was said by him or anyone about his previous denial? That's how it sounds from what Holmes said, but wouldn't that be surreal? Wouldn't that be other-worldly? Wouldn't that be more JFK assassination Twilight Zone?

What's the most likely thing here? That that happened or that Holmes lied? It's that Holmes lied. His Mexico tale was not included in his own report. This was months later and by then, he had heard all about Oswald's Mexico trip. So, he just incorporated it into his own recollection. That is obviously what happened.

Oswald did not go to Mexico City. Listen to John Armstrong:


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