Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It is surreal that as the story unfolded, not a single reporter to whom Montgomery showcased the bag did a double take:

"Wait a second. They're saying Oswald made that out of shipping paper and tape? That he snuck into the Shipping room, knowing that if someone saw him it would ultimately mean certain death, for it would surely lead police to him and get him convicted, and yet, he made a bag as intricate and sophisticated as that out of shipping paper and tape? He could have just swiped some paper and tape and then just wrapped the rifle parts in it when the time came. He didn't have to make a bag. Whatever he had to do with the paper he could have done in Ruth Paine's garage. And wouldn't it have been better if he had gone and bought some other paper and tape and left the TSBD shipping room materials out of it? Why leave such a trail?"  

"This is a company that ships books all day long; it is the crux of their business, and yet, no one saw Oswald making the bag? And not only did no one see Oswald making the bag, no one saw him having the bag, leaving with the bag, riding in a car with the bag, or going into a house with the bag? And then the next day, he walked with the filled bag that was very close to a yard long across the parking lot to the rear entrance of the building and then up to the 6th floor, and nobody noticed the bag then?"

"How did he manage to carry this bag which contained the hard, jutting, irregular pieces of a rifle without marking the bag or tearing it? Not even when he was extracting the rifle parts from the bag, did it get marked, violated, torn or tattered?  It would be like a kid unwrapping a Christmas present without tearing the wrapping paper."

"And then, the coup d' grace is that when he was finished with it, he just left the bag, whole and intact with his finger and palm prints on it, RIGHT THERE AT THE CRIME SCENE. He had to know that they were definitely going to figure out the location from which Kennedy was shot; they were definitely going to find the Sniper's Nest. So, he figured he would just leave the bag there to inform the police immediately that the culprit used materials from the Shipping room of the Texas Book Depository? So, he was informing them that the killer must have worked there? Right? There were only 70 employees, so millions got reduced to 70 in a flash. And of the 70, the vast majority could have been ruled out as the shooter swiftly. Weren't most of the TSBD employees outside watching the event? Weren't many of them women? Could not the vast majority of the 70 be quickly ruled out as the shooter?"

"So, just by leaving that bag there at the scene of the crime, Oswald was narrowing down the search to himself and, at most, a small handful of others. And yet, he did that rather than tearing the bag up and dispersing it such that it was unrecognizable as a bag? He might as well have left an 8x10 glossy of himself." 

But, nobody thought that. Not one. Not then, and not later. Nobody analyzed it critically. The question is: Why not?

The answer is to realize that: nobody analyzed anything critically. 

Oh, there were a few, such as Mark Lane and Vincent Salandria. There was also Jim Marrs. But, statistically, there was so close to unanimous acceptance of the official story, in all its details, that you might as well say that it was unanimous. Unanimous, unexamined,  and unchallenged. Reporters accepted everything without thinking, without judging, without analyzing, and from the very beginning. 

Why? Well, there is the fact that the CIA had "assets" in all the major media outlets. But, even that doesn't get to the crux of it because even reporters who did not have ties to the CIA accepted everything they were being told uncritically. So, why did they go along with it? Why did their minds turn to mush? 

I think it's because the official story- that a lone nut whack-job did this all by himself- was so appealing and such a relief. The President being shot and killed in broad daylight? If it was a conspiracy that involved elements of the government that would mean there was a coup going on. And that was unthinkable in the US. UNTHINKABLE! This was the United States of America. We don't have coups here. It's not some banana republic. And, if it was a conspiracy involving Russia or Cuba, that would have meant war. Maybe even nuclear war. What could be worse? Thank God it wasn't that. 

So, when word started spreading that it was just one deranged individual, it was a tremendous relief. It meant that Kennedy was dead, but the republic was not in danger. The ship of state was OK. It is truly going to be alright. It is sad and tragic, but America shall survive. America is going to be OK.       

So, nobody questioned the absolutely ridiculous bag story because the only alternative to it was an absolute nightmare. 

But, that was then, and this is now. It's 2015. It's almost 2016. And what we know today makes it inexcusable and outrageous that anyone should accept this ridiculous story. Oswald could not have made that bag, and even if he could have, he wouldn't have if not getting caught was of any value to him.

There is just no excuse any more for buying any of this nonsense. It is blatant capitulation. It's pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. It is willful surrender to evil.  



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