Thursday, December 10, 2015

I don't know this guy, but it is heartening to see this video up on Youtube. It is brilliant. Klein's didn't even carry 41 inch Carcanos; they only had the 36 inch.

He goes through all of it, the fake money order, the fake overnight delivery, etc. etc. And as I watched it, I really felt disgusted, thinking about all the things Marina said about Oswald cleaning the rifle, storing the rifle, practicing with the rifle, shooting at Walker with the rifle, wanting to shoot at Nixon with the rifle. Every bit of it was made up, and yet she said it with a straight face, plain as day. Spewing lies about her husband, and not just spewing lies, but weaving complex stories. Every bit of it was false. Every bit of it was completely divorced from their lives. 

I tell you, if Oswald was looking down from Heaven watching her say all that, he must have been puking his guts out in total shock and disbelief at what his wife was doing.

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