Monday, December 28, 2015

I don't know how old Brian Albert Doyle is, but I have to wonder if he has some dementia setting in.

He claims that Oswald was afraid to go outside in fear that the Secret Service would take some action against him.

What does Doyle think Oswald was afraid of? That the Secret Service was going to draw weapons and shoot him dead on the sidewalk or in the doorway?  

But, the Secret Service didn't draw weapons even after Kennedy was under attack. One agent, George Hickey, finally picked up a weapon, but it wasn't until the shooting was over and Kennedy was dead. (Yes, JFK was already dead. He was just like a chicken running around with its head cut off.) And, Hickey was never poised to shoot anyone; it was just a photo-op.  

And, why would Doyle think that? It's because Oswald defected to the Soviet Union.

But, most Oswald defenders don't believe he really defected. They believe that he was working for US Intelligence all along and that it was really a "false defector program". Wasn't Oswald really a US intelligence agent? Wasn't he a spy? Didn't the CIA let the Secret Service in on what was going on? 

But, let's just say- for the sake of argument- that Oswald really defected and that the Secret Service really believed that he did. Why would they assume from that that he was a threat to the President? Did Oswald ever advocate violence? Did he ever threaten violence against Kennedy? 

He went to school through the 8th grade, which was long enough to learn that if you kill the President, the Vice President becomes President. So, if Oswald was a fan of Castro and communism and the Soviet Union, why would he want to kill Kennedy only to make Johnson President? Wouldn't he have thought about that? Wasn't LBJ more of a Cold Warrior against communism than JFK? And knowing that, wouldn't Oswald have wanted to protect every hair on JFK's head?

And why would Oswald, who didn't even own a rifle, think that anyone would consider him a danger to JFK? I know about the stupid stories of him shooting at Walker and wanting to shoot at Nixon, but that's what they are: stupid stories. Oswald didn't do them, and he had no consciousness of anyone thinking that he did. 

There are no reports that Oswald had any contact with the Secret Service prior to the assassination. There is no basis to conclude that he ever gave the Secret Service a moment's thought. To claim that he thought that the Secret Service was going to target him, look for him in the crowd, and shoot him on sight for being outside during the motorcade is ridiculous.  

And then, the Idjot Doyle, twists it from Oswald being afraid to go outside to Oswald being instructed not to go outside.

 You're stupidly ignoring what was already said to you Cinque. Oswald was a defector to Russia who needed to lay low and not be seen by the Secret Service. His eating lunch in the lunch-room or Domino Room would give him the excuse he needed to not be out front watching the parade. That's how this works. It was probably his orders from Intel in order to keep him out of the way and frame-able. 

Orders from Intel? Intel? Is that like Control in Get Smart?

The Idjot Doyle claims that Oswald ate lunch in the domino room or the 2nd floor lunch room or both during the motorcade as an "excuse." An excuse to whom, Doyle? And how good an excuse was it?

Oswald: I was eating lunch in the domino room during the motorcade. Or maybe it was the 2nd floor lunch room. One or the other. Or both. But, that's my excuse for not being out front.

Fritz: But, you got off work at 11:45, just like everyone else. So, why didn't you eat your lunch earlier? You had 45 minutes.

Oswald: Missed it by that much.

So, make up your mind, Doyle. Was it that Oswald thought that the Secret Service were going to shoot him dead if they spotted him outside OR was it that he was ordered by Intel to stay inside? You can't claim both. And if they ordered him to stay inside, what excuse did they give him?

"You mustn't go out, Lee, because, you see, we're going to be killing Kennedy today, and we need to frame you for it. That's how this is going to work. Understand?"

You're an idiot, Doyle. You're like a clone of Joseph Backes. Would you believe a mole of Tony Fratini? How about a copy of Cakehead? 

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