Monday, December 14, 2015

The Oswald Innocence Campaign as its first senior member from Central America. He is Fernando Nietzen, an independent consulting geologist who is also the President of an American mining company.

Fernando has a very worldly perspective because he was educated in the United States, and he has worked here and in other countries. He speaks three languages fluently, and, he is a student of history. And he knows that there is a difference between the history that is taught and the history that is real. Being an expert marksman, he long ago doubted that Oswald could have performed the shooting attributed to him from the 6th floor- especially with the defective Carcano rifle. 

I have had the pleasure of talking to Fernando and exchanging emails with him, and he is a very distinguished individual, and when he expressed interest in becoming an OIC member, I felt deeply honored. Thank you, Fernando. 

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