Saturday, December 12, 2015

So, let's compare Lamson's experiment with the real thing.

Note first that the forward pitch of Lamson's cardboard is much more pronounced and visible than any such pitch in the real bag.

I measured, and Lamsons' bottom width is exactly 75% of his top width.

But, the real bag has a differential of 55%. That is, the bottom width is only 55% of the top width. And that's with much less forward pitch- if any.

And finally, and most importantly, the eyes can "process" Lamson's object fine; there is no tendency to think that the object is anything but oblong.

But, the real bag has a degree of tapering that exceeds what the eyes and mind are willing to accept on the same basis. In other words: on the left, we know it's a rectangle, despite everything. But, on the right, it looks like an inverted pyramid.  That bag WAS pyramidal shaped. Lamson's experiment confirms it.   

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