Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I had the experience today of driving slowly next to some people who were walking, and I thought about what happened with Jean Hill. 

JFK was riding by her, and she was able to speak to him. She said:

"Look this way, Mr. President. We want to take your picture."

Now, she wasn't walking at all. She was perfectly still. How slow would he have had to be going in order to have any practical ability to speak to him?

Well, certainly not as fast as 5 mph. That was way too fast. The most it could have been was 2 mph. In other words, he had to have been stopped or nearly stopped for her to have sensed having an ability to do that, to speak to him and for him to respond, and then for a picture to be taken. 

So, either they were completely stopped or they were going 1 or 2 miles per hour, which means they were practically stopped. So, why would the driver do that?

By that point, at least 4 shots had already been fired. There was the first shot that missed. There was the shot that hit Kennedy in the back. There was the shot that hit Kennedy in the throat. There was the shot that hit Connally in the back. There may have been more than 4 shots, but there were at least that many. So, the driver heard at least 4 shots, and his response was to come to a stop or a near-stop? 

I'm afraid that we are going to have to look at the testimony of Will Greer.

So, here Greer admitted as he was entering Dealey Plaza that he had the mindset of looking for an attack. He said he looked at the overpass in the distance to see if there was a threat there.

Mr. SPECTER. And as you turned onto Elm Street, how far, to the best of your ability to estimate, was your automobile from the overpass which you have just described?
Mr. GREER. I wouldn't have a distance recollection at all on how far it was. It wasn't too far. I just could not give you the distance.
Mr. SPECTER. At that time, did you make a conscious effort to observe what was present, if anything, on that overpass?
Mr. GREER. Yes, sir. I was making sure that I could not see anyone that might be standing there, and I didn't see anything that I was afraid of on the overpass.

He said that as they headed down Elm that he was going 12 to 15 mph.

Mr. SPECTER. What is your best recollection of the speed at which you were traveling as you turned left off of Houston onto Elm?
Mr. GREER. My best recollection would be between 12 and 15 miles per hour.

Hmmm. Well, if that's true, then he had a lot of braking ahead of him.

Mr. GREER. Well, when we were going down Elm Street, I heard a noise that I thought was a backfire of one of the motorcycle policemen. And I didn't--it did not affect me like anything else. I just thought that it is what it was. We had had so many motorcycles around us. So I heard this noise. And I thought that is what it was. And then I heard it again. And I glanced over my shoulder. And I saw Governor Connally like he was starting to fall. Then I realized there was something wrong. I tramped on the accelerator, and at the same time Mr. Kellerman said to me, "Get out of here fast." And I cannot remember even the other shots or noises that was. I cannot quite remember any more. I did not see anything happen behind me any more, because I was occupied with getting away.

What the motherpluck??????????? LIAR! He didn't say a word about slowing down. He said he heard a shot which he took for a backfire. Then he heard another shot; so he turned around. He saw Connally falling, so he stepped on the gas? WHAT ABOUT THE BRAKING????????????  The mofo hit the brakes! He either brought the limo to a complete stop or near-stop, meaning 2 mph.

Mr. SPECTER. Exactly where was Governor Connally when you first caught him out of the corner of your eye?
Mr. GREER. He was--he seemed to be falling a little bit toward Mrs. Connally, to the left. He started to go over a little bit to the left.
Mr. SPECTER. And how far did you catch his movement during the time you were able to observe him?
Mr. GREER. Just a second. He probably hadn't gotten his shoulder, he hadn't fell down or anything. He probably was in a position such as I am now.
Mr. SPECTER. Did he fall to the rear or to the side or how?
Mr. GREER. In my opinion, he fell toward Mrs. Connally which would be to his left or to his side.
Mr. SPECTER. Did he fall then on his left shoulder and arm or in some other way?
Mr. GREER. He appeared to me to be falling on his left shoulder when I glanced. He had only started to move that way whenever he--when I saw him.
Mr. SPECTER. Were you able to see anything of President Kennedy as you glanced to the rear?
Mr. GREER. No, sir; I didn't see anything of the President, I didn't look, I wasn't far enough around to see the President. 

You didn't see anything of the President, huh? Well, say hello to Mr. Zapruder, Mr. Greer:

I say you had to have seen the President some, Greer.

Mr. SPECTER. Do you recollect whether you accelerated before or at the same time or after the third shot?
Mr. GREER. I couldn't really say. Just as soon as I turned my head back from the second shot, right away I accelerated right then. It was a matter of my reflexes to the accelerator.
Mr. SPECTER. Was it at about that time that you heard the third shot?
Mr. GREER. Yes, sir; just as soon as I turned my head.
Mr. SPECTER. What is your best estimate of the speed of the car at the time of the first, second, or third shots?
Mr. GREER. I would estimate my speed was between 12 and 15 miles per hour.
Mr. SPECTER. At the time all of the shots occurred?
Mr. GREER. At the time the shots occurred. 

Lies, lies, lies. At the time of the fatal head shot, the limo was either stopped or nearly stopped, say 2 mph.

But, according to Greer, he was driving 12 to 15 mph all along until he turned around and saw Connally struggling, and then he stepped on the gas. That is most definitely NOT what happened. He braked during the shooting. We even have an image of his brake lights going on. 

Officer Hargis: "That guy slowed down. He slowed down almost to a stop." 

Here is how it looks with the brake out:

Now, keep in mind: there is no doubt that Greer braked- severely. And he didn't take off until he turned around and saw the JFK had received the fatal head shot. 

Now, it leaves only two options:

The first is that Greer was grossly incompetent, that he hit the brakes out of confusion and just didn't want to admit it later. The second is that he was in on it, that he slowed the limo to aid the shooters, and then he took off once he saw that a fatal shot had been struck.

I don't know about you, but I am more inclined to think the latter. We know damn well that Emory Roberts was in on it- he was talking on the car phone while Kennedy was being shot, which they tried to cover up in the Altgens photo. So, if Emory Roberts could be in on it, why couldn't Greer? 


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