Friday, December 25, 2015

Johnny Hartley:

Denis, Hoover mentioned ahead of the assassination that there were concerns over someone
falsely using Oswald's identity, and with Oswald being in Russia it would be easy enough for
someone in America to go around claiming to be Oswald, as Oswald wasn't around to disagree.

My thinking about the "Oswald" exiting photos is that the real Oswald was photographed, but
the officials wanted to cover that up as they didn't want any links between him and Cubans or
Russians to be made, so they produced these photos which may well have been invented as
one of them has never been identified.

Ralph Cinque:

Or, here's another idea: Oswald never went to Mexico City. He said he didn't, so if you believe
he was innocent of murder, why don't you believe him about that?

What's up with, "Oswald wasn't a murderer, but he was a liar, and he often lied about
innocuous things, for no reason at all"??

Or, perhaps you would like to invent a reason why Oswald would lie about that the way you
invented a reason why the CIA would use phony images of him in Mexico City even though 
they had real ones?

Gee, I wonder how that conversation went:

CIA Spook One: We've been tracking Oswald, and the last thing he did was get on a bus for
Mexico. Of course, we don't know his destination or his purpose, but let's assume he's going 
to Mexico City to visit the Cuban Consulate and Russian Embassy. So, let's get some doubles 
down there pronto to photograph as him.

CIA Spook Two: What for?

CIA Spook One: Otherwise, someone might think he's got links to Cuba and Russia.

CIA Spook Two: But, he's been pamphletting for Cuba, and there is a film of him doing it.
And, he started that FPFC chapter in New Orleans, and he went on the radio to talk about it. 
All that is going to come out. And, he defected to the Soviet Union, or at least tried to. 
Aren't those links?

CIA Spook One: Yeah, but that's stuff that he did. I'm talking about them.

CIA Spook Two: Yeah, but anyone can apply for a visa. It's still him doing it. It isn't them.

CIA Spook One: I still want doubles down there. Dobles! Andalay!

CIA Spook Two: You mean send them down there while he's there, and send them to the
places that he's going? Couldn't they run into each other?

CIA Spook One: Dobles! Andalay!

CIA Spook Two: Do they need to look like him?

CIA Spook One: Nah. What for? Who's going to notice?

CIA Spook Two: Yeah, I'm sure you're right. This is going to go well.

CIA Spook One: That's why they pay me the big bucks.      

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