Thursday, December 31, 2015

This image of Lovelady is obviously fake. Notice how Lovelady is lite up in a sea of black. What is casting the shadow over the shoulder of the big cop in back? Nothing. They just needed a black background in order to display Lovelady, who they infused into the frame. So, they created it.

How could Lovelady be exempt from all that shadow? He's in a well of shadow, yet he's all lite up? 

I dare anyone to try to recreate this frame. His whole presence there is glaringly artificial. They plopped him in.

It never happened. On April 7, 1964, Joseph Ball asked Lovelady if he EVER saw Oswald again THAT DAY after they broke for lunch, and Lovelady said "No." How could he forget about it if he was in the center of a media circus with Oswald? NEVER did Lovelady ever claim to be there. NEVER did his wife Patricia ever claim that he was there, and she was chatty. The whole thing was faked. Do you know when it was first found? 1977 during the HSCA. So, for 14 years nobody noticed him? Nobody ever mentioned it prior to that. Fat chance.

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