Thursday, December 31, 2015


Patrick Jackson sent me this video of Billy Lovelady's 1976 HSCA interview by Ken Brooten. So, you could say that Brooten did informally depose Lovelady.

And in it, Lovelady said nothing about seeing Oswald at the PD. Brooten asked him specifically: when was the last time you saw Oswald? And Lovelady said at 11:50 when they broke for lunch.

Lovelady also said that he left for the railroad tracks with Shelley after the shooting and then re-entered through the back door, and he said nothing about being out in front 20 minutes after the shooting.

He was also asked about his hair at the time, and he said it was cut in a crewcut. Does Doorman look like he has a crewcut?

The quality of this recording is very poor, and I am going to have to pour over it very slowly and carefully to pick up every word, which I have not yet done, but I want to put it up because it is a big, huge find. Thank you, Patrick for sending it to me, and thank you Denis Morissette for posting it on Youtube.

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