Thursday, December 31, 2015

OIC member Michael Capasse has done a great thing; he refined and improved my image of Oswald in the doorway BEFORE they messed with it. Now, it really looks like it must have originally looked (although, there is still the fact that they thrust Black Tie Man into the picture, cutting off Oswald's left shoulder and gouging out his face). 

But, at least this restores his hairline and the top of his head. And look what they turned him into:

Can you see now where their confidence and arrogance came from to claim that he was Lovelady? They weren't going to just claim it without doing anything. They weren't that arrogant. They weren't that confident. What gave them a shot in the arm was that alteration, and it was huge. And it wasn't even the first time they did it. They had practice. The moved Oswald's face over to the Backyard photo.

They moved a larger piece of the pie over with the Backyard photos, but it was the same basic process, and in all probability, the same team. 

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