Friday, December 25, 2015

These three men all presented themselves as Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City at the time that 
Oswald was supposedly there.

So, what are the implications of that? Who could have done it? Who could have ordered it?

It wasn't the Russians. It wasn't the Cubans. It wasn't the Mexicans. And it wasn't the Mafia.

The CIA is the only one who could have done it. Can you think of anyone else?

So, Oswald was definitely being framed for being in Mexico City. Even if you think Oswald was
there in Mexico City, he was also being framed for being there. It's the same as him being in 
Dallas and also framed for killing JFK in Dallas.

So, if Oswald was framed for being in Mexico City and doing things there, then how could he NOT
have been framed for the events in Dallas? Are we supposed to believe that they were framing 
him in Mexico City, and unrelated to that, he just happened to decide to kill Kennedy?

If Oswald was being framed, being set up, being impersonated, in Mexico City, and he was, then
it is absolutely ludicrous to think that he was not being set up in Dallas. You can't have one 
without the other. 

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