Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The whole story of the selfmade bag is preposterous on the face of it, and without the bag, there was no transporting the rifle, and without the rifle, there was no Oswald shooting Kennedy. 

So, the bag story alone completely exonerates Oswald.

1) It is preposterous that Oswald could have gone into the shipping room and started making a bag and no one notice. It was the shipping room of a workplace. People worked there. 

2) It is preposterous to think that Oswald could have foregone his own duties to make a bag without his absence being noticed.

3) It is preposterous to think that Oswald knew how to make a bag. Do you know how to make one? What's the first thing you do? What's the second thing? Unless he got a book about it or unless he watched a Youtube video about it (which he obviously didn't do) he would not know how to make a bag. 

4) It is preposterous to think that once he had his bag and was leaving with it that no one noticed it.

5) It is preposterous to think that when Oswald met up with Frazier that Frazier didn't notice it.

6) It is preposterous to think that Oswald would have made any effort to hide the bag from Frazier since he knew Frazier was going to see it the very next morning anyway. So, why would he make himself uncomfortable by stuffing the bag somewhere on his person just to hide it from Frazier? 

7) As big as the bag was, there was a good chance that Frazier would have noticed it even if it was stuffed somewhere on his person, especially considering how small Oswald was. 

8) It is preposterous to think that Oswald could get the bag into Ruth Paine's house without her and Marina and the children seeing it. It was late November, and by the time they got to Irving, it was dark or nearly dark. So, the garage would have been closed. That's for the sake of safety and security, and remember, there were just women and children there. And because it conserves heat. So, most likely, the garage was closed. That meant he had to bring the bag in through the front door with him. 

9) After Oswald supposedly dismantled the rifle and transferred it to the bag, what did he do with it before returning to Marina's warm bed? Where did he put it? Did he leave it in the garage? But, according to the official story, he did what he had to do between 8 and 9, and then Ruth Paine went out into the garage to paint some children's blocks, and the only thing she noticed was that the light was left on. So, where was the rifle-stuffed bag? 

10) The bag had to be longer than the 24 inches that Frazier indicated, and let's remember: we didn't hear how it went down. Maybe they coaxed him up to 24 inches. But, a bag containing the rifle would have been close to 40 inches, which was too long to carry between your axilla and your outstretched hand as Frazier described. 

11) And how come nobody at the TSBD saw Oswald with the bag when he entered? How did he get it all the way up to the 6th floor with nobody seeing it? And weren't there workers already up there doing the floor-laying? Oswald and Frazier were a few minutes late. The building actually opened at 7 AM and it was after 8 by the time they got there. So, where did Oswald hide the bag, and how could he hide it with no one seeing him?

12) If Oswald made a homemade bag to transport the rifle, why would he leave it behind in plain view? He might as well have left an 8X10 glossy of himself. Wouldn't he have had the sense to hide it somewhere or better yet, get it in the trash? Perhaps, rip it up first? After all, if it was just shipping paper taped or glued together, he could easily have taken it apart. And he could have done all this before the shooting. He goes up there, gets the bag, takes the rifle out, puts it together, disposes of the bag, kills Kennedy, etc. 

The whole bag story doesn't wash. Oswald gets off on its preposterousness alone, even if there was nothing else. But, there is plenty else.    

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