Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Besides altering photos from the assassination, such as this one in which they etched in a crude impression of Black Hole Man's face,

That is totally false. And the reason the image of Lovelady is there is because he was Black Hole Man, and you can see that he didn't have deep peri-oral creases like you see on Black Hole Man. 

But now, in addition to altering assassination images, they are altering images from my reenactment.

bpete and the other criminals he works with are certainly brazen. Here is the original photo:

Here it is close-up:

You want to say it's veeish? Say what you want, but it's not what we see on Doorman.

Here they are side by side:

And notice on me that we can still see the t-shirt through the shadow. None of the t-shirt is being obscured. We are not getting any false impression. We know exactly what is what. And likewise on Doorman, you can see grey over the t-shirt, which is how the shadow manifested. On neither of us is shadow causing white t-shirt to disappear. And on me, the "vee" isn't even centered. 

Oswald and only Oswald wore a stretched, deformed t-shirt which sank down in front creating the vee-like effect. The nearly perfectly centered and symmetrical vee that we see on Doorman is NOT shadow. It is the margins of that very t-shirt. 

And Doorman's t-shirt alone stamps him as Oswald, and there is not the remotest chance that it is anything but his unique t-shirt. It is ludicrous to deny this. 

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