Friday, December 25, 2015

This is very touching. It's very emotional. If you have any tendency to cry at poignant movies, you'll cry at this. It's a British advertisement which depicts the famous Christmas truce which occurred in 1914 between the British and German troops, facing off against each other in the trenches of Belgium in World War 1. 

Why WHY WHY was that insane war ever fought? And I know why it was fought because I have read Hidden History by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor, but it doesn't lessen the frustration and exasperation of knowing what a waste it was- the wasting of millions of human lives just so that a few men could rule the world.

It's good to look at this, as heartbreaking as it is. But, what is more important is to understand what put these men- these ordinary men on both sides- in the horrific circumstance they were in. The engineering of that war was a crime- one of the worst, most dastardly, most wicked crimes in all of human history. And as with the JFK assassination, we need to bring the culprits to justice; we need rectify the history; we need a true accounting of the causes of that monstrous war. We need to do it for the victims of that war, and for ourselves- to make sure that our sons and grandsons don't wind up in trenches facing off against other men's sons and grandsons for no reason; no reason at all.       

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