Monday, December 21, 2015

The motorcade was originally expected at 12:25. So that means that Oswald had even more reason to get his lunch-eating out of the way before 12:30.  And Oswald said that the cheese sandwich and apple were from Mrs. Paine's house. You should be better informed, Ike. And they all got off work at 11:45. Oswald asked Lovelady and the others to hold the elevator for him as they were going down- at 11:45 - and as a prank, they left him stranded on the 6th floor. So, maybe he didn't get down until 11:50.

And no, you can't play Harold Norman's estimation like a card. You are missing the point. He confirmed that he ate his lunch in the domino room. Oswald said that when he was in there that "Junior and a short negro (Norman)" came in. Norman confirmed that Oswald was correct. How could Oswald know that Norman did that unless he saw him?

Mr. BALL. You got your lunch and did you eat your lunch?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes; I ate my lunch.
Mr. BALL. Where were you when you ate your lunch?
Mr. NORMAN. In the domino room, as I recall.
Mr. BALL. Who was with you at that time?
Mr. NORMAN. I can't remember who ate in the lunchroom, I mean the domino room, with me.
Mr. BALL. Did some other employees eat there?
Mr. NORMAN. I think there was someone else in there because we usually played dominoes in there but that particular day we didn't play that morning.
Mr. BALL. Why didn't you play that morning?
Mr. NORMAN. Well, didn't nobody show up there to play like the guys usually come in to play.
Mr. BALL. You usually play dominoes during the noon hour?
Mr. NORMAN. Noon hour and the break period.
Mr. BALL. After you ate your lunch, what did you do?
Mr. NORMAN. I got with James Jarman, he and I got together on the first floor.
Mr. BALL. Where was James Jarman when you got together with him?
Mr. NORMAN. He was somewhere in the vicinity of the telephone, I believe. I am not for sure.
Mr. BALL. Out near the bins?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes.
Mr. BALL. What do you call James Jarman?
Mr. NORMAN. Junior.
Mr. BALL. And you and Junior did what?
Mr. NORMAN. We went outside.
Mr. BALL. You went out the front door, did you?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes.
Mr. BALL. That is the Elm Street?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. Where did you stand?
Mr. NORMAN. We stood on the Elm Street sidewalk.
Mr. BALL. On the sidewalk?
Mr. NORMAN. Yes. We didn't go any further than that point.
Mr. BALL. What time was it that you went out there?
Mr. NORMAN. Oh, I would say, I don't know exactly, around 12 or 12:10, something like that.
Mr. BALL. Who was standing with you when you were standing on the sidewalk, on the Elm Street sidewalk?
Mr. NORMAN. I remember it was Danny Arce.
Mr. BALL. And who else?
Mr. NORMAN. I remember seeing Mr. Truly and Mr. Campbell. They were standing somewhere behind us, not exactly behind us but they were back of us.
Mr. BALL. Anybody else?
Mr. NORMAN. Well, I believe Billy Lovelady, I think. He was sitting on the steps there.

So, they all got off work at 11:45, and not long after that, they were eating. Oswald was eating in the domino room, and while he was eating there, Jarman and Norman came in. If Norman went outside at 12:10, it wouldn't conflict with that scenario at all. However, there is no reason to take his time designation as gospel. He didn't say that he looked at his watch and noted the time. He was just speaking off the cuff. Again: it's not a card for you to play.

But, we are seeing the big picture. Oswald, like everyone else, got off work at 11:45- 11:50. And with no major delay, he wound up in the domino room eating. And while he was eating, Jarman and Norman came in. And after that, Jarman and Norman went outside. They were originally going to watch the motorcade from outside. At the last minute, they decided to relocate to the 5th floor window, and that's what they did. By 12:30, they were at the window and were captured in two photographs.

Those are the facts. Oswald ate in the first floor lunch room, and it was early- way before the arrival of the motorcade.

And he didn't buy his Coke until after his encounter with Truly and Baker, as both of them said he had nothing in his hands when they saw him.

So, it was 12:32 that he got his Coke, which was two minutes after the assassination.

So that means that at 12:30 Oswald wasn't eating. He wasn't eating anywhere. And he wasn't drinking. He wasn't drinking anywhere. What he was doing was standing: standing in the doorway watching the motorcade.  And he never in his life shot at anybody. 

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