Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let's compare Oswald's N.O. mug shot- his Cuban visa photo- and his Dallas mug shot because theoretically, we are dealing with a sequence that went from August to September to November 1963.

We know that Oswald lost weight between New Orleans and Dallas, and quite a lot. Officially, he lost 9 pounds, going from 140 to 131. That is a lot of weight loss for a thin person. If I lost 9 pounds I'd look practically emaciated. 

I like the match of the outer images to each other better than the one in the middle to either.

Notice how perfectly matched the chins are in the outer images. It looks quite different in the center: wider, bigger, and blunter. The central dimple is present in the outer images but missing in the center image. I am reminded of the broad chin in the Backyard photos which Jack White found unacceptable. Likewise, the lips match perfectly in the outer images, but in the center there is a longer edge-line to the lips on both sides. It appears too long- in contrast to the other two. It's almost as though someone took a pen and extended it. It's distinctly different from the other two which look quite identical. With the right eyebrow (left to us) there's a big problem. In the middle image, it's longer. Again: it's too long. As far as the ears go, the background is covering up part of his right ear in the middle image.

Can you or can you not see that there is white background over the ear? That's a problem because there is no way that can happen in an untampered photo. 

Regarding the noses, no; it doesn't work. The guy in the middle has got more overhang, more of a point, less visible nostril; it's more bird-like. I'd say it's a different nose.

Regarding the eyes, what I don't understand is that New Orleans eyes look symmetrical, as they should; Dallas eyes look asymmetrical, with the left eye (on our right) swollen with the bulge between the eye and eyebrow, as they should. But, you can kind-of see the same bulge on his eye and asymmetry in the visa photo, and that shouldn't be because he hadn't been hit in the eye yet.

Can you or can you not see that his eyes in the visa photo (center) have the same asymmetry as they do in the Dallas photo (right)? It's like his left eye is swollen in both. 

Regarding hair, his hair on top seems thinner in the center. The hair in the outer images match better to each other than to the hair in the center. 

The bottom line is that Cuban visa photo of Oswald is highly suspect. And the fact that the white background overlaps the ear indicates photographic tampering for sure.

P.S. This just in: Juliette from Facebook noticed something else: the center Oswald has shoulders too well developed. His trapezius muscles are too prominent, too high. He looks too athletic, too rugged.

The visa photo of Lee Harvey Oswald is fake!

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