Thursday, December 10, 2015

We now know, beyond any doubt, that Oswald was telling the truth when he said that he didn't own any rifle, and he didn't know anything about any rifle. And if you have any doubt, watch this:

Yet, somehow, the Warren Commission got Marina Oswald to spiel all kinds of elaborate stories about Oswald and his rifle, how he came home with the rifle, how he was obsessed with the rifle; how she took pictures of him holding the rifle, how he cleaned the rifle, how he practiced with the rifle, how he shot at Walker with the rifle, and how he wanted to shoot at Nixon with the rifle. Since Oswald didn't even own a rifle, every bit of that was fiction. 

But, Marina could never have flat-out lied about it because she could never have lied that well. It wasn't a matter of them telling her, "You say all this, or we're going to deport you."  It had to be a sophisticated, Manchurian candidate style brainwashing in which they told her that the trauma of it all was causing her to block-out certain memories, but they were going to help her get them back. It's on the record that when first asked about Oswald's trip to Mexico City, Marina said that she didn't know anything about it. But, by the time of her WC testimony, she remembered how Oswald said that he went to bull fights, etc. 

They didn't recruit her to lie; they brainwashed her. She never could have told those stories convincingly if she were just lying. 

Some of the really hapless Warren Commissioners, like Gerald Ford and even Earl Warren, undoubtedly ate it up. But, there were two Commissioners who most definitely did not; who knew very well what was going on. 

Dulles and McCloy had a long association, including covert ops. They worked together during WW2- Dulles from Switzerland as Station Chief of the OSS and McCloy in Washington as Asst. Sec. of War. After the war, they worked together in Operation Paperclip to smuggle useful Nazis out of Germany. Then, during the 50s, McCloy worked with CIA Chief Dulles in the various coups and assassinations- a reign of covert blood and terror. The JFK assassination was just another covert operation. We've heard a lot about Dulles but less about McCoy. LBJ assigned both of them to the Warren Commission precisely because they knew the real story; they knew the whole thing was theater for public consumption, and they were LBJ's watchers and protectors on the WC.  The odds are very great that they knew exactly what was done to Marina. This is about McCloy by Mae Brussells. 

President Lyndon Johnson asked John J. McCloy to serve on the Warren Commission. No less than 9 presidents had called on the Wall Street lawyer for special assignments, yet he was little known to the public. McCloy said he entered the investigation "thinking there was a conspiracy," but left it convinced that Oswald acted alone. "I never saw a case that was more completely proven," he asserted.

    McCloy had long been involved in the murky world of espionage, covert ops, and nazis. He spent the decade of the 1930s working out of Paris. Much of his time was spent on a law case stemming from German sabotage in World War I. His investigation took him to Berlin, where he shared a box with Hitler at the 1936 Olympics. He was in contact with Rudolph Hess before the Nazi leader made a mysterious flight to England in 1941.

    When the nazis occupied Europe, the banking exchanges between Britain and the U.S. on the one hand and Germany on the other carried on as usual. In Trading With the Enemy, Charles Higham documents the role of Standard Oil of New Jersey, owned by the Chase Manhattan Bank, and I.G. Farben's Sterling Products with the Bank for International Settlements. Standard Oil tankers plied the sea lanes with fuel for the nazi war machine. Prior to the war McCloy was legal counsel to Farben, the German chemical monopoly. After the war, he became President of Chase Manhattan.

As the Assistant Secretary of War during WW2:
  • McCloy blocked the executions of nazi war criminals
  • Forged a pact with the Vichy Regime of pro-nazi Admiral Darlan.
  • Displaced Japanese-Americans in California to internment (concentration) camps.
  • Refused to recommend the bombing of nazi concentration camps to spare the inmates on grounds "the cost would be out of proportion to any possible benefits."
  • Pushed hard for using the atomic bomb against Japan
    When the curtain fell on the war, McCloy helped shield Klaus Barbie, the "butcher of Lyons," from the French. Barbie and other vicious dogs from Hitler's kennel were hidden out with the 370th Counter Intelligence Corps at Obergamergau. One of their keepers was Private Henry Kissinger, soon to enter Harvard as a McCloy protege.
    In 1949 McCloy returned to Germany as American High Commissioner. He commuted the death sentences of a number of nazi war criminals, and gave early releases to others. One was Alfred Krupp, convicted of using slave labor in his armaments factories. Another was Hitler's financial genius, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, who subsequently went on the payroll of Aristotle Onassis.
    In 1952 McCloy left a Germany that was prepared to re-arm to return to his law practice. He became president of the Chase Manhattan Bank, director of a dozen blue chip corporations, and legal counsel to the "Seven Sisters" of American oil. During this period he acquired a client, the Nobel oil firm, whose interests in Czarist Russia had been managed by the father of George de Mohrenschildt, Lee and Marina Oswald's "best friend" in Dallas.


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