Sunday, December 20, 2015

You have to allow for the weaker resolution in the extreme blow-up from the Altgens photo. Lovelady fills a larger area in the Martin film and his image has more grain information.

One would have to be pretty stupid to not allow for that. I can't see how a person of normal intelligence would not have considered that. You either really dumb or you have a mental condition.

Jerry Organ

Ralph Cinque: Oh, I allowed for it, Jerry. I allowed for it here:

That's where the grain difference and the lighting difference and the overall qualitative difference have to be considered. That's where the weaker resolution and the extreme blow-up distortion have to be taken into account. That's the same shirt and the same man. You would have to be on an LSD trip to think that two different and unrelated men could look and dress that much alike on the same day. 

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