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    William Shelley, Oswald's manager: "as the Presidential Motorcade
passed I was standing just outside the glass doors of the entrance ...
Billy N. Lovelady ... was seated on the entrance steps just in front of
me" (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.22, p.673 [Commission Exhibit 1381,
p.84]); "several people were out there waiting to watch the motorcade and
I went to join them ... Billy Lovelady joined us shortly afterwards ...
just outside the glass doors there" (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.6,
    Sarah Stanton: "I was standing on the front steps of the Texas School
Book Depository with Mr. William Shelley ... and Billy Lovelady" (Warren
Commission Hearings, vol.22, p.675 [Commission Exhibit 1381, p.89]).
    Billy Lovelady himself: "I happened to look on the outside and Mr.
Shelley was standing outside with Miss Sarah Stanton, I believe her name
is, and I said, 'Well, I'll go out there and talk with them, sit down and
eat my lunch out there, set on the steps,' so I went out there" (Warren
Commission Hearings, vol.6, p.338).
    Buell Wesley Frazier: "I was standing on the steps there ... I stayed
around there pretty close to Mr. Shelley and this boy Billy Lovelady"
(Warren Commission Hearings, vol.2, p.233).
    Harold Norman: "Billy Lovelady ... was sitting on the steps there"
(Warren Commission Hearings, vol.3, p.189).
    James Jarman: Lovelady was "standing on the stairway as you go out the
front door" (ibid., p.202).
    Danny Garcia Arce stated that he went outside with Lovelady and
Shelley: "I was standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository. I
was on that grassy area part in front. ... The other guys ... were all in
front of the building" (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.6, pp.365f). He
identified Lovelady as the man in the photograph (ibid., p.367).
    Virginia Rackley, who had become Mrs Donald Baker by the time of her
Warren Commission deposition, pointed out Billy Lovelady on Commission
Exhibit 203, a copy of Altgens's photograph (Warren Commission Hearings,
vol.7, p.515). 

Ralph Cinque: It was a show trial. The outcome was predetermined, and all the witnesses were pre-screened. You notice that they didn't include Carolyn Arnold in the testimonies. That's because when first asked, she said that she thought she saw Oswald between the double doors (which means at the doorway) shortly before the motorcade. So, why didn't Joseph Ball interrogate her? It's because of what she said.

There was NO CHANCE they were going to include testimony from a witness who reported seeing Oswald in the doorway during the motorcade. 

Just imagine, for a moment, that they did. That the Warren Report that we know was exactly the same except for one testimony that went like this:

Mr. Ball: Now, I have a photo here from the day of the assassination, and I want you tell me if you recognize this man. He is a white man. He is next to the white column. He is the only male face you can see in the doorway. Do you recognize him.

Mr. Smith: Yes, that's Oswald. 

Mr. Ball: You think that's Oswald?

Mr. Smith: I know it is. I was on the sidewalk in front, and I remember seeing him there. I recognize his clothing.

Mr. Ball: So, you're sure that's Oswald?

Mr. Smith: Absolutely. Look, I remember seeing him there, so even if you didn't have the photo, I could tell you that he was there. But, in addition, when I look at it, I can see that it's him.

Mr. Ball: So, you don't think that's Billy Lovelady.

Mr. Smith: No. Lovelady was there, but that's not him. Lovelady is stockier, and he's balder. I would never mistake one for the other. 

Mr. Ball: Well, there are other witnesses who say that this man is Billy Lovelady.

Mr. Smith: Well, I can't account for that except to say that they're wrong.

Mr. Ball: OK. Fair enough. You say he is Lee Harvey Oswald, and that will go into the official record and our published report. Thank you for your cooperation.

Now, was there any chance they would allow such a thing to happen?  Is there any chance that if someone only said that that they would have published it just as surely as they published the claims of it being Lovelady? 

But, there was NO CHANCE that they would publish such a thing. Why? It's because they knew that such a thing would have completely and totally eviscerated the Warren Report. It would single-handedly have destroyed it.

There were some sketchy contrary things that they did publish- just for the sake of feigning objectivity. For instance, there were quite a few who said that they thought the shots came from the Grassy Knoll. But, they had an explanation for that: echos. They didn't think that was lethal. But, an eye-witness who saw Oswald up-close in the doorway during the shooting? How is it possible to be wrong about that if you know the guy? That would have been lethal. It would have been catastrophic. So, there was NO WAY they would have allowed it. 

Can you see now how childish it is for Boz to keep citing the various witnesses who failed to report seeing Oswald? For someone like him to accept that is one thing. But for someone like me? Why can't he see that that is not currency to me. That is nothing but a crafty part of the framing of Oswald. That's all it is.

Carolyn Arnold said, when first she spoke, which is all I care about, that she saw Oswald at the doorway shortly before the shooting. Oswald, himself, said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front." Billy Lovelady, when asked, never said that he was Doorman. And when asked to draw an arrow to himself, he drew it to another figure.

The big arrow on the left is definitely Frazier's, and it was there before Lovelady got started. And the only other mark on the photo is the one I found. And it does look like a discreet mark and not an artifact. But, those who disagree with me are welcome to comb the photo looking for Lovelady's arrow because he definitely drew one. Until you find another one, the mark I found is the only game in town. 

And when Lovelady indicated that he was Black Hole Man in the Altgens photo, he was tacitly saying that Doorman was Oswald. That's because it was like a toggle switch. If Doorman wasn't Lovelady, he had to be Oswald. It was a default situation.

So, the fact is that we do have testimonial evidence of Oswald in the doorway: two direct and one indirect. Why didn't Lovelady say it directly? It's because he knew very well that it was not what Joseph Ball wanted to hear. He was trying to let him down easy, but it didn't go too well. I'm sure that after it was over, Ball talked to some people who talked to some people who sent some people to talk to Lovelady. And I'm sure they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. 

So, to Boz, I would simply say: grow up. Stop being so childish. You've got nothing with those testimonies except an orchestrated attempt to frame Oswald for not being in the doorway. But, he was in the doorway, and nobody's lip-flapping can change it. It is so certain that he was in the doorway that even if we had Oswald denying it emphatically, it would only mean that he was lying.

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