Sunday, December 27, 2015

Brian, why would anyone believe that (that Oswald brought a long object other than a rifle)? If Oswald had brought a long package other than a rifle, wouldn't he have said so? Why would he have lied about that? It wasn't against the law to bring curtain rods or other long object to work, was it? 

A good thing is to put yourself in Oswald's situation and ask what you would do. 

If you brought a long object to work, would you lie about it to police? Would you instead tell them that you brought a small lunch? 

You wouldn't? Then why would you or anyone think that Oswald would? 

Now, I realize that some will say that it's because he brought a rifle. 

But, if he didn't bring a rifle, then he wouldn't lie. 

Therefore, there are really only two choices:

Either he brought a rifle and lied, or he didn't bring a rifle and he told the truth. 

That's it. That is all the options there are to the rationally minded.

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