Monday, December 28, 2015

Let's be crystal about something: This date that Robert Oswald published is DEFINITELY wrong. There is NO CHANCE that Oswald was on leave from the Marines in February 1958. He was in the Far East then, and he did not return until November 1958. 

So, the only question is: What is the real date of the picture?

One wise guy from the JFK forum, Alex Foyle, claimed it was from February 1957. He just claimed it outright. He called it a "spelling error." 

But, that doesn't work because Oswald entered the Marines on October 24, 1956, and this picture was taken after that:

You see how young Oswald looks? That was taken early in his Marine career, and we don't know exactly when. How much after the day he enlisted was it taken? It's anyone guess. What if we said 3 months after? That's a reasonable guess. So, let's count: November, December, January. That would make it early February 1957. So, that would mean that these two images were taken about the same time:

What do you think? Can we agree that he looks a lot older on the right? Years older? So, that rules out February 1957, does it not? 
So, it wasn't February 1957 or February 1958, and it couldn't be February 1959 either because Oswald was at El Toro or Santa Ana. He wasn't back in Texas. And after that, the Oswald of fame was in Russia for Feb 60, Feb 61, and Feb 62. And nobody in his right mind would say that it was Feb 63. So, what does it mean that we can't find a date for this?

It means that there were two Oswalds: one was in Texas shooting squirrels with brother Robert while the other was in Russia. Based on how old he looks there, I would put the date of that as most likely February 1962.  

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