Friday, December 11, 2015

You're nothing but a shill, Tony, a lapdog for the official story who clutches the label of Oswald defender just to influence real Oswald defenders.

But, do you really want to talk about Lovelady and the HSCA because I can go on about it for hours. And if anyone complains, YOU opened the floodgate. 

First, the image that you put up was NOT Lovelady, and it is NOT a real image. 

Look at the perfect half moon hairline recession. Do you think it was like that? Look at his full beard? Do you think he had one? Look at the bulging muscles, which look downright cartoonish. Look at the red on his ear and on his neck. Do you think he had a sunburn? It's a phony image, and it isn't Billy Lovelady.

Do you know when that image first appeared, Tony? It was not until 1966. So, for three years, nobody noticed it in the Martin film, even though people were talking about the Doorway Man and whether he was Oswald or Lovelady. However, it wasn't even discovered in the Martin film, but rather in a film compilation. To this day, there is NO version of the Martin film which has that clip. It was introduced right at the moment that Harold Weisberg was making a big stink- in his books and on the radio- about Lovelady having worn a short-sleeved striped shirt, as the FBI said he did and put in writing TWICE. They even took pictures of him in the short-sleeved shirt with it unbuttoned and sprawled open like Doorman. Now, why would they do that unless it was the same shirt he wore? 

So, this admission was a big gaffe, a big blunder, and they realized that mere lip-flapping wasn't going to suffice to fix it. They realized that they HAD to come up with an image of Lovelady from 11/22/63 wearing a long-sleeved shirt. (And by the way, there is nothing plaid about Doorman's shirt) So, they (the FBI, your heroes) made an image of him, the above image. The guy was not Lovelady, and he was not there on 11/22/63. We don't know who he was. Today, you would refer to him as a "crisis actor". We call him Gorilla Man. 

Now, as for the handwritten statement of Lovelady, you have to understand what happened. HSCA Attorney Ken Brooten along with that phony Oswald defender Robert Groden traveled to Colorado to visit Lovelady who was "in seclusion". Groden was there to take his picture, and Brooten was going to depose him. That's the same Brooten who traveled all the way to Mexico City and did lengthy 8 hour depositions of so-called witnesses there. (They never saw Oswald because he never went to Mexico City, and he said he didn't.) But, when Brooten and Groden got to Colorado, Lovelady pleaded with them not to make him talk. He didn't want to go to Washington to testify. (And remember, the HSCA subpoenaed hundreds of people), and he didn't even want to give a deposition. HE DID NOT LIKE TALKING ABOUT BEING DOORMAN. He did not like lying about it because he wasn't any good at lying about it.  And Brooten must have realized that Lovelady would NOT make a good witness for the HSCA. He would not be able to convincingly tell the story. And he was so moved, that is, worried about Lovelady blowing this thing up on them, that HE QUIT HIS JOB AS LEAD COUNSEL FOR THE HSCA TO REPRESENT LOVELADY. That has never happened before or since in American jurisprudence that a government lawyer quit his job in order to represent a person of interest in the case.  

So, they got that written statement from Lovelady as a way of getting something, settling for something because Lovelady did not want to testify and he did not want to be grilled about it. So, he just wrote what they told him, that he was the guy in the plaid shirt. The man in the Altgens photo is NOT wearing a plaid shirt, and the man in the photo that Lovelady signed was not the Altgens Doorman nor was he Lovelady. 

I'll leave you with this comparison of Gorilla Man in Lovelady which proves that, anatomically, they were different men. Different men with vastly different features. They didn't even look like they could be related, never mind be the same person.

Postscript: Shortly before the HSCA Final Report came out,  41 year old Billy Lovelady died of a fatal heart attack. You see, they couldn't trust him. They knew that reporters might seek him out after the Report came out, and they knew that he couldn't handle it. They knew he was a wreck. They knew he would endanger the whole charade. And they couldn't let that happen. So, they "heart-attacked" him. 

PSS. We, the OIC, tracked down Billy Lovelady's step-son. He had a small role to play. He, supposedly, saw Oswald under arrest on television and thought it was his step-dad, even though Lovelady was stocky at the time and Oswald was thin as a rail. But, he's living in seclusion to this day, and guess what? He didn't want to talk about it either. He was pretty shocked that we found him. He has, to this day, the same attitude that his step-dad had- a frantic unwillingness to talk about the case.  He doesn't go by the name Lovelady any more either, even though he did as a youth. 

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