Saturday, December 19, 2015

This just in from Stephen Requa: a photo from the funeral of Jane Stanford in 1905. 

Holy Cow. That was some funeral. Just as with JFK, they killed her and then gave her a lavish funeral. Without a doubt, Jane Stanford was the most influential woman in the state of California at the time, and she was one of the most influential women in the whole United States. 

They killed her. Hers was the first political assassination of the 20th century. Their goal was the complete takeover of  Stanford University, which was to become an academic stronghold of the "Elites" in the United States. They later used Stanford University as a receptacle to hide incriminating evidence against themselves in causing World War 1. And it has continued down through the years. It is Stanford University which called the war criminal Donald Rumsfeld a "Visiting Scholar." 

The murder of Jane Stanford was a pivotal event which affected the entire course of the 20th century. Exposing the truth about her murder is a responsibility that we take very seriously.  

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