Friday, December 25, 2015

Bill Chapman:

Only one arrow needs to be visible in order to confirm which figure Lovelady was pointing to. Exhibit 369 shows the black arrow—applied by Lovelady—pointing to Doorman.

Ralph Cinque:

Oh, no, no, no. You're way off. Even David Von Pein admits that that is Frazier's arrow. Do you or do you not understand that both Frazier and Lovelady were given the same specimen to draw arrows on, that Frazier drew his first, a month before Lovelady, and then they pulled it out again and gave it to Lovelady.

So, Ball gave Lovelady a photo to draw an arrow on which already had an arrow on it pointing to the figure that he wanted him to draw his arrow to. But, Lovelady didn't do it.

There is only one arrow on CE 369 pointing to Doorman. That's Frazier's arrow. Now, if you can find another one, be my guest. But, while you're looking, notice the tiny mark on the forearm of Black Hole Man.

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