Sunday, December 20, 2015

As the murder of Jane Stanford in 1905 looms larger in the pantheon of 20th century history, it compels us to recognize that there was an "obvious second victim" in the plot to kill her. That was the great-grandfather of Stephen Requa, Isaac Requa.

Dr. Robert Cutler, the head of Neurology at Stanford Medical School, who wrote the first book on the murder of Jane Stanford, referred to Isaac Requa as "the obvious second victim" in the case.  

The facts are that Isaac Requa had been a good friend of Jane Stanford and a business partner of her late husband, Leland Stanford. Requa and Stanford were both in the railroad business. Requa was the head of Central Pacific Railroad, which was started by Leland Stanford. So, Requa worked for Stanford and then took over the railroad when Leland Stanford began his political career, first as Governor of California and then as Senator. Isaac and Leland's families were even related through marriage because Isaac's son Mark (who went on to become the first Energy Czar of the United States) married a Stanford. Isaac knew Jane well and felt protective of her after Leland died, and he also knew the dangerous high-rollers who showed up at her funeral, including Darius Mills and Whitelaw Reid, who traveled 3000+ miles from New York, by 1905 transportation means, to attend her funeral. And when he found out that Whitlaw Reid was appointed her Executor, it must have set off alarms in his head. 

Isaac Requa had to be killed and he was. The first attempt on his life occurred at the same time as the first attempt on Jane's life. He was served cold milk that was laced with poison. His death drama began two days after Jane Stanford's funeral. He was eating at the Pacific Union Club on March 26, 1905 with his son Mark when he suddenly became deathly ill. He lingered for two days and then died. His death was declared the result of natural causes. Mysteriously, his diary disappeared after that.

Jane Stanford had to be murdered so that they could take over Stanford University- make it an academic instrument of the Rockefellers- and to silence her voice against Eugenics- that ugly racist American institution which led to Nazi Eugenics. But, her murder was also part of the chain of events which led to the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the start of World War 1. That is, granted, a huge claim, but our new association with historical researchers Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty is already shedding light on exactly how the murder of Jane Stanford and the takeover of Stanford University fit into the whole globalist plan. With so much at stake, they could not allow Isaac Requa- who had the knowledge, the acumen, and the resources to expose the truth about what happened to Jane- continue to live. Isaac had to be killed. They saw that from the beginning. It was, from the beginning, a double murder plot.  


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