Thursday, December 24, 2015

Andrew Robertson:

I had to write this up on the OIC blog about the identical defect in the image over the right ear in the passport to Russia photo and in the Cuban visa app photo. The exact same photographic defect in two photos of him that were unrelated in time and space? Too weird for me to accept.

I see that alright. I would presume that is just a coincidence, logically thinking. But well spotted.

Ralph Cinque:

Coincidence? If they both had photographic defects that might be a coincidence. But, the exact same photographic defect in the exact same spot?????????? That goes way beyond coincidence. And remember: this is the JFK assassination we are talking about, in which there are no coincidences. Leastways, I sure don't believe in them. I believe in blood-incidents, not coincidence. Big difference.

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