Saturday, December 26, 2015

Let's look at John McAdams' interactive timeline of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, and note that it includes the times that Oswald went on leave from the Marines. 

August 22, 1957: LHO departs for Japan.

November 2, 1958: LHO departs Japan.

November 15, 1958: He arrives in San Francisco.

November 19, 1958: LHO takes 30 days leave.

There is nothing about Oswald going on leave during his Far East tour of duty. And, it says specifically that he was in the Philippines in February 1958. 

November 20, 1957: LHO’s unit sails for the Philippine Islands.

March 7, 1958: LHO's unit departs on its voyage back to Atsugi.

It says nothing about Oswald traveling back to Texas in February. He may even have been in the brig at that time because it's known that he was charged with illegally firing his weapon into the jungle and was sent to the brig for 18 days. There is no chance that he was in Texas squirrel-shooting with his brother in February 1958, as claimed by Robert Oswald. 

So, that was not February 1958. And it wasn't February 1959 because Oswald was at El Toro Air Base in Southern California in February 1959. After that, the Oswald of fame was in Japan, but remember: there were two Oswalds, and the "other Oswald" was the one who was brother to Robert- not the Oswald of fame. 

So, that picture, theoretically, could have been February 1960, 1961, or 1962, but most likely it was 1962 because of his apparent aging.

The image on the left was taken in 1959. Doesn't it look like 3 years aging to you on the right? Can't you see how much his hairline receded on the sides? Can't you see how much weight he gained? Can't you that he looks older? February 1962, which was 5 months before Harvey returned from Russia, is the most likely date of that picture, and to Hell with what Robert Oswald said. 

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