Friday, January 1, 2016

You're wrong, Lamson. The OIC has already started to transcribe the tape. Here's that section, 
as per Michael Capasse:

When was the last time you shaved do you recall that?
Lovelady: ....uh..
Were you growing a beard at that time?
Lovelady: [mumbles]... I wasn't growing a beard..
When's the last time you'd shaved then?
Lovelady...uh…the night before

What was the length of  your hair?
Lovelady: I had a crewcut.


When was the last time you saw Oswald?
Lovelady: It was at 11:50 when we broke for lunch.

That is DNA proof that Lovelady was not in that squad room when Oswald was brought there. 
Think about how riveting it would have been; what a jolt it would have been. Think about how many
times he would have told the story over the years.  But, he didn't say a thing about it, and Brooten 
didn't ask a thing about it. If Brooten had known about it, he would have responded, "But, didn't you
have a close encounter with Oswald at the Dallas PD? Wasn't he led by you in the squad room?" But, 
Brooten didn't say anything because Brooten didn't know anything. And what about his wife? She was 
chatty. She interrupted at various times to add her two cents. So, why didn't she say, "But, Honey, what 
about when you saw Oswald at the Police Station? Remember how startled you were?" But, there was 
nothing. Nobody knew anything.

I can understand why LNs have to fight this. It's dyed in the wool for them to fight it. But Oswald 
defenders? Do you understand that Oswald was framed in a very elaborate and intricate web of 
phony evidence, phony witnesses, and phony stories? They were making phony images even before 
the assassination with the Backyard photos. So, if they had the mindset to do it before, why wouldn't
 they do it after? 

Billy Lovelady was not in the squad room, and he was not the Doorway Man. Neither was he milling 
around outside the entrance 20 minutes after the shooting. He was long gone by then. And what we
found out today, thanks to Patrick Jackson and Michael Capasse, nails the cover on the coffin of the official 
story of the JFK assassination.

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