Saturday, December 5, 2015

Boz put these links up, thinking they make the police look good, but that's because Boz is a blithering idiot.

How do the police look good when it shows Fritz asking Oswald about Russia but not one word about killing Tippit?

Then, Boz put up a video of Louis Nichols who allegedly spoke to Oswald about providing him with legal representation from the Dallas County Bar Association, and he said that Oswald declined. But, that very night, Oswald spoke to the whole world, and we heard him say with our own ears, "I ask that someone come forward and provide me with legal assistance." He also stated to reporters, "These police officers won't allow me to have legal representation." 

But, Nichols claimed that Oswald outright refused the help because he was waiting on Abt. But, what would a reasonable attorney have said to him?

Nichols: Do you ever know Mr. Abt?
Oswald: No.
Nichols: Do you know if he practices in the state of Texas?
Oswald: No.
Nichols: Look, I advise you to start with a lawyer here. You can always switch to him if it comes to that. But, you really can't make any assumptions about him.

Then, get this! It is unbemotherfreakinglievable! A reporter asks:

"As a lawyer, do you think the fact that he does not have one here hurts THE PROSECUTION'S case? 

The prosecution's case? What about his case? Isn't that what the reporter should have asked? And, isn't that what the attorney should have addressed? 

But, there is one thing heartening about this: apparently, Dallas lawyers did call the Bar association with the idea of offering their services to represent Oswald- although reporters had to fish that out of Nichols. He was quite evasive about it.

Then, Boz had the nerve to put up something by that batty woman Marguerite Oswald. Doesn't everyone know by now that she was batshit crazy?

Apparently, a Chicago attorney telegrammed Oswald offering his services, and they didn't even deliver it to him.

 Whose decision was it? Maybe upon seeing the telegram, Oswald would have changed his mind? Wasn't it his call? On the basis of what legal precedent did they not inform him of the telegram and give it to him? 

I hereby charge the Dallas Police and FBI with obstructing justice and violating the constitutional rights of Lee Harvey Oswald. At the Midnight Press Conference he expressly asked the public to come forward and provide him with legal assistance. That's what stands. That's what we know for sure. He may have mentioned Abt but the idea that he adamantly refused all other assistance is contradicted by his own words that we can hear. 

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