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donald willis 

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Fritz Confirms Oswald's Alibi

In his Commission testimony, DPD Homicide Captain Fritz confirms Oswald's
12:30pm alibi, first broached in his report re the Oswald interviews in
which--"in talking with him further about his location at the time the
President was killed"--Oswald said that he "was having his lunch about
that time on the first floor", and that he "ate lunch with some of the
colored boys who worked with him." (WR p605).

In his testimony, Fritz reiterates this Oswald statement:  "[Oswald] told
me that he was eating lunch with some of the employees."  He then goes on,
and goes Oswald one better: "Our investigation shows that [Patrolman
Baker] actually saw [Oswald] in a lunchroom, a little lunchroom where they
were eating, and he held his gun on this man.... [Oswald] had a cheese
sandwich and a Coca-Cola." (v4p213)

This statement, then, is not Oswald's--it was, says Fritz, part of the
broader "investigation".  Not only does Fritz, then, testify that Homicide
determined that Oswald was eating lunch on the first floor, but that that
was where Baker accosted him!  Capt. Fritz, CT....


Ralph Cinque:

That amounted to a jumbling, a rearranging, a reassigning of the things Oswald said to Fritz. The reality was:

Oswald was a loner, and he ate with no one- not even on a good day. He wasn't hostile or belligerent, but he preferred his own company. He pretty much avoided interacting with the people there as much as he could. There is no doubt about that. So, Oswald wasn't eating with anyone. He ate alone in the first floor lunch room, but it was well before 12:30 at a time that James Jarman and Harold Norman were in view. Either they came in the domino room OR Oswald could see them from the domino room. That's all Oswald meant when he brought up their names. He did not say or mean that the three of them were eating lunch together.  And, his sighting of them had to be well before the assassination because by the time of the assassination, Jarman and Norman were up at the window on the 5th floor, below the Sniper's Nest. 

Vincent Bugliosi places Oswald in the first floor lunch room eating until 12:15. It may have been a bit longer than that, perhaps 12:20. He ate alone- a cheese sandwich and an apple. From there, he went out to the doorway and watched the motorcade with the others. But, Oswald left early- perhaps before the fatal head shot, and if not then immediately after it. He went back inside, turned right at the stairwell, and went up the one flight to the 2nd floor. These were the stairs in the southeast corner.  He walked through the offices or he took the hallway and wound up at the vestibule to the lunch room. As he was going through the door to the vestibule, Baker saw him through the glass of the door that faced the stairwell. That's the other stairwell, the rear stairwell, in the northwest corner- the stairs that went to the 6th floor.  He followed Oswald into the vestibule and by the time he got there, Oswald was already walking through the lunch room. The door to the lunch room was propped open. He ordered Oswald to stop and turn around. Oswald did. Oswald had nothing in his hands. Truly got there and ID'd Oswald as an employee. Then Baker and Truly left. Oswald never said a word. 

Now, that's what happened, and all the rest is flim-flam. Fritz, who by that time was a conspirator, was jumbling Oswald's words in order to hide the simple fact that Oswald was standing in the doorway at the time of the shots.    

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