Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hounded? Not by everybody. Josiah Thompson didn't hound him. He wrote about him in 1967 but didn't even try to see him; never talked to him. Instead, "Tink" just took CBS's word about what he said. That's CBS, the company that grossly altered this picture of Lovelady, flipping it and softening the features, including the nose and the chin, in order to Oswaldify him.

So, since CBS lied photographically, do you think they told the truth about what Lovelady said? Why'd they table the Doorman segment from their television special? Maybe Tink should have hounded Lovelady.

The article stated that a post-mortem was going to be performed, but we never got the results. Where the hell is it?

Notice that the article states that Ken Brooten, who was a lead counsel for the HSCA went on to represent Lovelady. Hello!! Is anybody home? What is wrong with that picture? When has that ever happened before or since that a government attorney quit to represent a person of interest? Why did Lovelady even need an attorney? He wasn't being accused of a crime. 

The whole story is a lie. What evidence is there of Lovelady being hounded? He was hounded once on a street in Dallas by a guy who tried to take his picture, but that's the only hounding I know of. 

The idea that the "hounding" had anything to do with his death is ridiculous. But, here's an idea: he was probably murdered. Murdered by heart attack. The CIA has drugs which can mimic a heart attack, and they had them back then. 

The bastard Booten had the nerve to say that the HSCA photo analysis closed the last chapter on the Doorman issue. Fat chance, Booten. The OIC is here, and we have reopened it. 

The probability that Billy Nolan Lovlady was murdered is, mathematically, very great. 

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