Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I've been following the debate here about the money order, and I agree with those who say that it's phony, that Oswald never sent it. And that means of course that Oswald didn't order the rifle, and he therefore was telling the truth when he said that he did not own that or any rifle.

And that brings us to Marina. I hope you realize that she was BY FAR the most damaging witness against Oswald. She sold him down the river. 

Marina not only corroborated that Oswald bought and owned the rifle, she also claimed to have taken the Backyard photos (although she first said she took them in February when Oswald did not theoretically come home with the rifle until late March).  She didn't just say it tersely; she painted an elaborate picture of Oswald being obsessed and absorbed with the rifle.  It was like he petted it at night. 

She also said that he shot at General Walker with it, which would have been pretty hard for him to do if he didn't even own the rifle.

So, you realize: if the money order story is false, then the rifle story is false, and the Walker shooting attempt is false. They're all false. 

Therefore, how did they get Marina to say all that she did, to glibly wax on about these things as though they really happened? It wasn't ordinary lying; that's for sure. She must have been subjected to some kind of mind-altering techniques along the line of MK-Ultra or The Manchurian Candidate. That's what I think because I know she wasn't telling the truth, yet I don't think she was capable of lying so well on her own accord. 

So, what do you think? They had Marina in their clutches for about 2 months following the assassination. What did they do to her to get her to say the things she told the Warren Commission? And please, don't tell me they were threatening to deport her. I know about that.  But, that alone would not have enabled her to lie so well and for so long.  Somehow, the stories she told became her reality.    

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