Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oswald definitely rode the bus and cab to his room because it's in the Fritz Notes that he said he rode the bus and cab to his room. Fritz was no prince, but he wrote those notes spontaneously and not intending to show them to anyone. They were just for him. Who lies to himself on paper?

Likewise, Oswald definitely got driven to the theater. There was not enough time for him to have walked and gotten there when he did, which was by 1:07 pm, according to Butch Burroughs.  

But, there are other reasons besides that to realize that Oswald didn't walk. If he had walked in broad daylight, don't you think someone would have seen him? It was a highly populated, residential area. There were a lot of people around.  He would have been walking alone, which would have helped him stand out. 

Could the conspirators take a chance of letting Oswald walk? How could they? What if he stopped to buy a Coke, and the clerk remembered him? What if they exchanged a few words? Had a conversation. What if he ran into someone he knew? What if he saw something which he could report which would establish his location without a doubt? Say something mundane happened on the way, like a minor fender bender. He tells the police about it. They look it up and find out that he's right. How could he not have been there?

Since, they were going to kill Tippit, they had to make sure Oswald didn't wind up with an air-tight alibi.  

And think about it from the conspirators' point of view. They were going to kill Tippit and pin it on Oswald. Right? Well, if he walked, no matter what route he took, he would have passed within a few blocks of the spot that Tippit was killed. Jack Ruby's apartment was right near there, a few blocks away. What if Oswald decided to go there? It's not inconceivable that on his own accord, he could have wound up showing up and being a witness to Tippit's murder. Imagine how bad that would have been. How certain do you think they had to be that that didn't happen?

And here's another thing: nobody made any account of what Oswald said about how he traveled to the theater. Now remember, they were going through his odyssey, step by step. They got to the part about his room, and he said he changed his pants. So, how is it possible that they didn't ask, "OK, what did you do after that?" It is not possible. And remember also, that initially, he was only charged with Tippit's murder. He wasn't charged with Kennedy's until late that night. So, at that point in time, wouldn't Tippit's murder and Oswald's whereabouts during Tippit's murder have been the focus? And he was denying having killed Tippit, so how could they not ask him where he was and what he was doing when it happened? Police are always interested in a perp's alibi, even if they think he's guilty as sin.

So, I figure that this must have been covered, and Oswald must have told them something. Nobody mentioned it. Nobody wrote it in any report. They just omitted it. Why? It must be that he said something that they didn't want to repeat. And realize: that if he got a ride to the theater FROM ANYBODY, the lone nut hypothesis goes out the window. You can't have a getaway driver or a chauffeur and be a lone nut. Your driver is your accomplice. Period.  

So, why didn't someone lie and put words in his mouth? And I mean after knowing that Oswald was dead.

It's because they would have no expectation of others who were present corroborating it. It was all or none. Someone would have had to say to the others, "Let's all lie and say that Oswald said he walked to the theater."  

Well, it wasn't like that. The first interrogation consisted of Fritz, Hosty, and Bookhout, and I assure you that the whole thing was done with an air of propriety. There was no admission of intent to commit criminal acts.  The first report was the Hosty/Bookhout joint report, and they just left out what Oswald said about how he got to the theater. But, the point is that if Oswald had told them that he walked, I believe they would have said so. Why not? 

And there were the exhaustive, years long in some cases, investigations of the Warren Commission, HSCA and ARRB, and none of them ever said a word about what Oswald said his means was of getting from his room to the theater. And the thing is: nobody asked why. Nobody asked why it wasn't in the interrogation reports. The HSCA didn't ask about it, and they didn't ask why the Warren Commission didn't ask about it. Nobody- none of them- was interested. 

Remember: it is impossible that they didn't get to it in 13 hours of interrogation. It is impossible that they didn't get to it in the first hour of interrogation. 

So, there was a deliberate cover-up of Oswald's alibi for the Tippit murder, and the cover-up continues to this day. In polite JFK circles, nobody asks what Oswald's alibi was for the Tippit murder, and nobody complains that it's missing from the police record. 

But, I'm complaining. I'm screaming out loud complaining.   

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