Monday, May 23, 2016

A Russian man, in August 2013, put up a Youtube video claiming that Jack Ruby did not shoot Lee Harvey Oswald.

I am going to give you the link, but first I want to say, that I think it's excellent work, and I applaud this guy. 

And keep in mind that he has NO connection to me whatsoever. He came to this conclusion by himself - as did I. But, obviously, he came to it long before I did. 

And, he made some of the same points that I made, plus other points that equally as cogent that I missed. Again: this guy is a first-rate researcher. 

First, like me, he noticed this cop going in to cover Ruby's head after his hat came off. However, he thinks he put a bag over his head. I suggested that he put his hat back on him. But, I'm open to his idea.

The important thing is that he did cover his head.

Next, he compares Ruby to the shooter from behind. It's the real Ruby on the left: 

Ruby was not as wide through the neck. His hair wasn't as thick at the bottom. The skin on the nape of his neck was darker than the other guy. His hairline was more jagged. The other guy almost looks like he's wearing a wig. It's all too perfect. The Russian guy also thinks the shooter was considerably younger than Ruby's 52 years. And, Ruby had more exposure and visibility of his shirt collar. Look at all that white. 

Then, he asks you to compare the cheeks.

Yes, they are different, indeed. And again, Ruby has an older face with looser skin- a brilliant observation by the Russian. Then, he asks you to compare the trim behind the ears. Ruby had much more space between his ear and his hairline. The other guy didn't have any. 

Here's the link to his video. I tip my hat to him. He did a great job. Now, let's try to get him into the OIC.

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