Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I mentioned yesterday that the official story of the JFK assassination is like a creed, a national creed. It is a litmus test for loyalty to the homeland. (Soviet Russia had the motherland; Nazi Germany had the fatherland; we have the homeland.)  If you question it, you are unpatriotic. And if you question it to the point of declaring Oswald innocent, you are not only unpatriotic; you are an outright traitor. You're like a terrorist. 

I also mentioned how, in our Society, a great many people have a vested personal interest to support the official story- that they keep their mouths shut because it is advantageous for them to do so because of the position they have or the job that they do. And it includes not only people who work for the government and the media, which is a lot of people, but also those who work for big corporations doing anything because in the corporate world, it's very much the same. If you work for Ford or General Motors or AIG or Goldman Sachs or even Walmart- it is not OK to be an avid truther. 

That's because of the corporate culture that exists in this country. It's pretty close to fascism.  

Look what happened to Dr. Steven E. Jones. He was a celebrated physicist, celebrated for his research on cold fusion, and he was a professor at Brigham Young University. That's not even a state school. But, once he became outspoken about 9/11 truth and the impossibility of the Towers having collapsed because of fire, he was forced out. In the end, they called it "early retirement" but he lost his job, and it was because of his 9/11 truthing.

Brigham Young said, at first, that they were going to get a scientific panel from their university to assess Dr. Jones' theories about 9/11. But, they never did. That idea just slipped quietly away. 

And, what is going to happen to Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, the Chair of the Civil Engineering department at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks who is conducting a study of what caused World Trade Center Building 7 to collapse? Is he going to be forced out like Dr. Jones was? I'll tell you honestly that I fear for this guy. 

He's got a PhD in Structural Engineering. Do you doubt that he's qualified to determine how that building fell? And do you doubt that the FBI has got an active file on him, that they aren't watching him closely and probing his every move? 

Look what happened to Dr. Andrew Wakefield M.D. They took away his medical license in England, on trumped up charges, for warning about the danger of the MMR vaccine and its connection to autism.  

Are you aware that during the recent Disneyland measles outbreak that some of the victims were fully vaccinated? Are you aware that at a measles outbreak that occurred at a school in Illinois, that 17 out of the 20 victims were vaccinated?

I was on the New JFK Show tonight with Jim Fetzer and Larry Rivera and Gary King. We covered several things, but mainly we talked about the image of Rafael Cruz in Dallas at the motorcade as it neared Dealey Plaza. 

The match to Cruz is so good that I don't know that he would deny it if he was pressed about it.

But, think about the potential that it has. If that's him, then what was he doing there? He didn't even live in Dallas at the time. This should tell anybody that there was more to the JFK story than Lee Harvey Oswald as lone gunman. If that's Rafael Cruz (and it is) then the lone gunman story collapses like the Twin Towers. 

Is this image going to viral like the other one? It might. It just might. And if it does, then it could get wild. Seriously. 

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