Monday, May 23, 2016

This is a thought-provoking email from OIC senior member Jim Macgregor, who is one of the authors of Hidden History, which is about the real causes and instigators of World War 1.

Steve/Ralph, great stuff!

Im working my way through 'Orders to Kill', wherein Pepper (what an
amazing and terrific man he is and what a massive bonus to have him
onboard) relates that Hunt would meet and play cards with mobster
Marcello, and at other times with Hoover.  Hunt, and other Texas oil
barons, made gifts of shares to Hoover, and it is documented that
Hoover was close to senior mob leaders who had 'control over him'. 
"Among those figures exerting power over the nation's top law
enforcement officer was Carlos Marcello". 

Hoover regulary provided Hunt  with considerable amounts of
documentation to be used as ammunition against Dr King.  Lyndon Johnson
was a "lifelong close political asset of Hunt". Hunt liased daily with
Johnson when President. Other politcal puppets included John Connally
in Texas and Senator James Eastland of Mississippi who headed the right-
wing Senate Internal Security Subcommitte.  (You couldn't make it up)

When Hoover and Hunt met in Chicago in June 67, Hoover told him a final
solution with MLK was necessary.  'Only that action would stop King'.

Onwards and upwards,


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