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This is a new article about the JFK assassination by OIC senior member Stephen Requa, who publishes a newsletter for the Stanford University community, of which he is an alumnus, called Stanford Reconsidered.  It concerns the real objectives of the JFK assassination: why they killed him.

Stanford Reconsidered  

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The Overriding Purpose of the JFK Assassination

May 24, 2016

The full exposure of the extent of Mafia-corruption in the FBI resulting from the JFK assassination and as achieved with the later FBI/Mafia collaborations in the COINTELPRO programs of J. Edgar Hoover (with H.L. Hunt and Mafia bosses) is now at hand. It was well-evidenced first in the Church Committee Hearings of the 1970s as stated by Committee Member Sen. Walter Huddlestone:

....."the fact that the United States Government [i.e. FBI] would call in two Mafia people to help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him was the kind of thing we were confronted with almost across the board during this investigation.”

        This Mafia-corrupted status of the FBI five years after the JFK assassination in 1968 was fully documented by Dr. William F. Pepper in his landmark Memphis 1999 Trial for the King Family that showed with a jury verdict the extensive Mafia (Carlos Marcello, Liberto, involvement in the MLK assassination — with the resulting Mafia corruption of the FBI, the Military, and local state and local authorities. Carlos Marcello provided the Mafia hit man who actually shot Martin Luther King, as the Memphis jurors fully agreed.

         This FBI/Mafia corruption may now all be seen as achieved as was a major purpose of the JFK assassination and then with all the actual results of the JFK assassination — with the creation of the above very well investigated Church Committee Hearings of the Mafia-allied faction in the FBI with J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO programs as commented upon by Sen Huddlestone with “almost across the board” Mafia corruption of the FBI. This as documented also in recent coverage:

         Now thus evident is that one of the overriding objectives of the JFK assassination was the advancement of outright fascism by the Oil/Mafia Texas oligarchy — as documented by Harrisson Livingestone’s many best selling books — based on limitless crimes expected as then made possible from: 1) the to-be-constructed Mafia-corrupted FBI (with COINTELPRO); and, 2) by the ex-Nazi war criminal corrupted CIA as already then intact but as threatened for destruction by JFK with his firing of Allen Dulles — with treason prosecutions then possible for those who had funded Hitler’s rise who were then left without Dullles’ CIA protection: e.g. Rockefeller, Harriman, Dulles, Bush  Hence with some urgency at that time to remove JFK.

          Mae Brussell after the Warren Commission charade then extensively documented the overwhelming involvement of ex-Nazis imported into the CIA with many of whom became involved in aspects of the JFK assassination1. The Mafia and ex-Nazi war criminals involved in the JFK assassination by H.L. Hunt and Allen Dulles with George Bush may be seen to translate into an overall global fascist agenda of the JFK assassination, with the CIA/Nazi hit men making assassinations around the world. See: Fourth Reich USA4

The Utah Court Frauds of 1993 as evaluated by Dr. William F. Pepper yielded the destruction of Banner International, Inc. and the covert and fraudulent stripping of its assets. These events are now seen and have been alleged by victims as engineered by a Mafia-allied faction in the Utah FBI by FBI Agent Collins, This is strongly evidenced and has been so alleged to have in part derived from the H.L. Hunt family and its surviving post-JFK Mafia-affiliated FBI faction who are believed to have been involved through a very long-time associate of the Hunts in Dallas, geothermal geologist Roger Bowers. He is evidenced and alleged by victims to have conducted blatant court frauds and Thefts by Deception in the Utah courts evaluated by William F. Pepper with now-evident and associated/alleged Mafia corruption of the Utah FBI that was entailed

The derivation of the “almost across the board” Mafia-corruption of the FBI as extensively detailed in the Church Committee Hearings as noted by Sen. Huddlestone is now — after those Hearings and after the 1999 Memphis Trial and verdict achieved by William Pepper — readily to be seen as having been created by H.L.Hunt and those Mafia bosses revealed in the Memphis Trial in 1999 who collaborated in the MLK assassination — and who also previously collaborated in the JFK assassination as detailed most completely by Harrison Livingstone in his The Radical Right in the John F. Kennedy Assassination with excerpts as attached.

Very instructive are these Livingstone excerpts. The 50+ year role after the JFK assassination of the major Mafia capos in corrupting U.S. corporations, law enforcement, and justice is now starkly revealed — with Livingstone’s life-long research — as deriving from H.L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Carlos Marcello, and other Mafia-allied Texas oil figures such as Clint Murchison who gathered with LBJ the day before the JFK assassination as was witnessed in the following link. H.L. Hunt’s own political creature LBJ had his own hit man’s fingerprints found in the Texas School Book Depository in the alleged sniper’s nest of Lee Harvey Oswald who was actually down stairs watching the parade as testified to in the following link:

        The above link and video and the attached excerpts from Livingstone’s The Radical Right in the John F. Kennedy Assassination provide one palpably with the reality surrounding the shooting gallery prepared for JFK by the deeply Mafia-allied “Radical Right” as per Livingstone of the Texas oil oligarchs. To be seen in the linked video and in the attached excerpts is the on-the-ground reality of the deeply fascist Mafia-allied Texas oil oligarchs of Texas — who also with J. Edgar Hoover then five years later assassinated Martin Luther King as proved by a jury verdict in Memphis Court by Dr. William F. Pepper. His work on the Utah Court Frauds of 1993 have now provided the basis for the victims of those frauds seeing and alleging the quite evident Mafia-implication in these Utah Court Frauds.

        Deep on-going Mafia corruption of the FBI is thus clearly now to be seen as continuing in the FBI after the Church Committee Hearings in the 1993 Utah frauds against Banner International to defraud its assets of the Requa/Hoover Files. These Utah Court Frauds are now evidenced and alleged by the victims as Mafia organized from within the Utah and Texas FBI. This is especially evident with the scope and degree of major crimes, perjuries, and organized defamation operations as prompted by apparent FBI/Mafia agents for commission, as alleged by the victims, by Ralph K. Requa to effectuate the Court Frauds. From where might all this FBI/Mafia corruption have most readily have been derived?

         Most likely from none other than the life-long benefactors and employers of Ralph Requa’s alleged and well-documented principal cohort in the Utah Court Frauds and theft of the Requa/Hoover Files, from the long-time employers of Roger Bowers — from the H.L. Hunt family, from his sons and daughters and other heirs, and from the Dallas FBI that was under the control of Hunt in 1963 and thereafter. Hunt communicated, as has been reported, daily with LBJ after the assassination. As William Pepper discovered, Hunt had a dedicated private phone line to the desk of J. Edgar Hoover. Very much of the so-called New World Order can be seen as having been originally financed by H.L. Hunt

We are well versed in the litany of all the claimed objectives for the JFK assassination:

·      It was to get the Vietnam War started full-bore , and not stopped by JFK (i.e. War-profiteering);
·      It was to stop the Kennedy’s prosecutions of the major Mafia capos (e.g Carlos Marcello);
·      It was to stop JFK’s issuance of greenbacks via the Treasury to circumvent the profiteering by the
·      Private Federal Reserve Bank;
·      It was to maintain the Cold War;
·      It was for “National Security” purposes; JFK was a purported traitor;

·      It was to stop his rescission of the Oil-Depletion Allowance and thereby save the Texas Mafia-allied oil oligarchs (e.g H.L. Hunt and Murchison) billions of dollars in taxes;

·      It was to maintain U.S. knee-jerk support of Israeli territorial intransigence in the Mid-East;

·      It was the response to JFK firing of Allen Dulles, thereby exposing the high-level Nazi collaborators and funders of Hitler and then brought to U.S. by CIA) to prosecutions for treason: e.g. Bushes, Dulleses, Rockefellers, Harrimans,;

·      It was to stop JFK’s dismantling of the CIA;
·      It was to stop his probable dismissal of J. Edgar Hoover and ejecting LBJ from the ticket;
·      It was to preclude the likely prosecution of LBJ for a myriad of corrupt political practices;
·      It was to provide nuclear weapons to Israel after they were denied by JFK but then authorized by LBJ;

One can certainly agree that these were all very important factors in uniting all the right-wing political factions in the plot to murder JFK, most especially those associated with Roger Bowers’ old boss, H.L. Hunt in whose Dallas office with Hunt’s sons Bowers spent many years.

But Stanford Reconsidered believes that there was one overriding agenda that included them all and is the one agenda that remains today as the number one objective of the major legacy of H.L. Hunt: the so-called New World Order — the H.L. Hunt-inspired and financed agenda that existed in 1963 and that was the primary objective of Dallas in 1963— and that remains equally powerful today, and that was the primary agenda and objective of Dallas in 1963: the institutionalization of fascism in the U.S. and around the world with countless follow up CIA assassinations facilitated by Dulles’ ex-Nazi war criminals.

          This remains still the most successful continuing legacy and agenda of H.L. Hunt and the JFK assassination (and of the MLK assassination) that Hunt financed with his high-level Mafia cohorts in the on-going perversion of our political process and in wreaking havoc around the globe. 911 was an example of this still-continuing and until-now ever-growing factor in world politics and finance.  It remains as the one overriding political agenda that must be rooted out and terminated. Identifying it as the central focus and long-term purpose of Dallas 1963 (well beyond the Vietnam War) is therefore now urgent. Oil and war-profits are what united the Texas oil fascists. But creating fascism per se and ruling the world through it is what truly inspired them and their Nazi war-criminals allied with the Dulleses and GHWB who extended their assassinations around the world after 1963.

         Where can these fascists today be most effectively targeted? Stanford Reconsidered believes it is with the 1993 Utah Court Frauds to steal the Requa/Hoover Files. In those blatant court crimes evaluated by William F. Pepper — with one attempted homicide — and conducted with complete impunity they are surely now to be most readily targeted, albeit 53 years too late from Dallas 1963, but better late than never. No?

The fascists’ agenda of H.L. Hunt, GHWB, Dulles and their Mafia/Nazi cohorts are covered in David Talbot’s book The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government.1

It is also well covered in Greg Yeadon’s encyclopedic The Nazi Hydra in America: The Suppressed History of a Century 2

It is also covered in the compilation by Stanford Reconsidered under the title of Fourth Reich USA.3
But its on-the-ground visceral reality as it was created in fascist oil Texas in the murder of JFK is best conveyed in Harrisson Livingstone’s book The Radical Right in the John F. Kennedy Assassination with excerpts as attached, and it is to be best seen in the above quote of Sen. Huddlestone:

....."the fact that the United States Government [i.e. FBI] would call in two Mafia people to help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him was the kind of thing we were confronted with almost across the board during this investigation”.

        Welcome to fascist America as created by the Texas oil fascists with their Mafia side-kicks — and with GHWB with his ex-Nazi war-criminal side-kicks in the CIA.

        The good Senators of that time in the 1970s Church Committee construed that “almost across the board” FBI/Mafia corruption factor, in the end, as simply meaning excesses in the pursuit of so-called “national security” goals, for example in combating protests against the Vietnam War or in combating militant black activism. But on looking at it more intently, there was an underlying objective with COINTELPRO that must be seen as the real driving force in having done the JFK assassination, and in doing the assassinations that followed it: of MLK, RFK, FK Jr. and, with very many more then around the world. It is now possible, Stanford Reconsidered believes, to bring them down most readily with all their major crimes conducted so blatantly in Utah during the Receivership Frauds of 1993 as evaluated by Dr. William F. Pepper.

        The pursuit of fascism per se (or in reality the NWO) yielded the intransigent and visceral personal objectives of such people as J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, Allen Dulles, and George H. W. Bush. In a word, they were all hard-core fascists intent on creating global fascism with the assistance of limitless crimes being made possible for them with a Mafia-corrupted FBI and a CIA filled with ex-Nazi war criminals.

         Both these objectives were met and sustained until the present by the murder of JFK. How the Utah FBI was capable of conducting the evident Mafia-inspired takeover of Banner International in 1993 will now serve as the template for understanding many expected Mafia-inspired crimes and court frauds now to be revealed.  Now this evil may be expunged starting in Utah.

            The overall purposes of the JFK assassination must be seen to have included — as central — what then resulted after the JFK assassination, besides the Vietnam War ramp-up and besides the cessation of the Kennedys’ prosecutions of the Mafia capos. What followed were the MLK and RFK assassinations and then — and above all as diagnostic of the real underlying purposes of the JFK assassination — the creation of COINTELPRO at the FBI with the flow of Mafia-allied persons into the FBI.

           It can also be seen in the corresponding feature in the creation and development of the CIA with the flow into the CIA of ex-Nazi war criminals, as summarized in Fourth Reich USA and other reference works noted. Hitler may have lost WW II, but the Nazis of the U.S. who had funded Hitler’s rise (the Rockefellers, Bushes, and Dulleses did not. With their assassination of JFK they have survived intact until today.

The funneling of Mafia elements into the FBI and ex-Nazi war criminals into the CIA can signify only one thing. That the overriding objective of the JFK assassination was the creation in the U.S. and around the world of fascism. This was delayed by the Church Committee but then re-invigorated with the Bush presidencies and 9/11, etc.

From 1963 until 1968, they had become well-coordinated into a Mafia-complicit faction in the FBI that included military leaders. It was these Mafia corrupted Military who organized the downing of the airplane of JFK Jr. in 1999 to prevent his attending and covering the Memphis Trial by William Pepper for the King Family as then coming up. Not to be allowed was JFK Jr’s coverage for his George Magazine of the Mafia-corrupted Military who participated in the MLK assassination. They had also easily gained control of the Memphis Police. JFK Jr. had covered the inside job of the Rabin assassination and Oliver Stone and his JFK in his George Magazine. He was not to be permitted to do the same with all the evidence provided by William Pepper in his Memphis Trial for the Mafia-corrupted Military as active in the MLK assassination. Plainly, this could not have been permitted and it was not. The Pentagon’s self destructive entrance into the JFK Jr. airplane downing events was covered in the docu-drama by John Hankey.

With the FBI’s COINTELPRO program we see the reality of the Mafia having gained a foothold, if not a stronghold, into the FBI, as Senator Huddlestone has since stated.  COINTELPRO was the merger of Mafia and FBI created by J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, Carlos Marcello, and other Mafia dons — and assuredly was created over the dedicated telephone link between Hunt’s Dallas office and Hoover’s Washington FBI office, as discovered by William F. Pepper.  COINTELPRO is reviewed here:

           Hunt also communicated daily with LBJ after his central role in the JFK assignation. As stated in this link above: "In short, Cointelpro was J. Edgar Hoover's secret war against what he considered "dangerous" ideas, or sometimes against individuals who were unpopular with his friends and supporters". [Or, as it should be added, against individuals who had assets or resources that the oil/Mafia fraternity wished to defraud or plunder, such as the Requa/Hoover Files were first sought to be stolen by oil oligarch John Paul Getty in 1973 with an FBI/Mafia organized murder (see below)].

             Also as stated: "The "dirty business" of COINTELPRO included unauthorized bugging and wiretapping; mail opening; warrantless break-ins ("black bag jobs"); anonymously mailing reprints of newspaper and magazine articles (some of them planted in the press by the Bureau itself); disseminating defamatory information regarding individuals, much of it false; encouraging street warfare between violence prone groups; contacting an employee with derogatory information about a person to get the target fired; using the IRS to harass individuals and organizations by audit; and so on.”

"As one newspaper writer put it, "almost nothing - beyond lack of imagination - appears to have limited the range of dirty tricks' used by the FBI." The same may be seen in the Utah COINTELPRO op “sub-contracted” out by the FBI/Mafia in Utah.

          Such was the Mafia-allied defamation program that FBI Agent Collins has been evidenced and alleged to have organized in 1993 in Utah against Stephen Requa, with Ralph Requa and Roger Bowers as major accomplices, as pursuant to the Court Frauds in 1993 that succeeded in stealing the Requa/Hoover Files. This was assuredly a Mafia/FBI organized operation and was a direct successor of the 1973 murder of Samuel Edelman.

           An essential element in the 1973 plan was the stand-by presence of known high-level Mafia-cohort Mark L. Requa II to pass on the Requa/Hoover Files to John Paul Getty after the expected success in eliminating Stephen Requa by Getty’s FBI/Mafia plan through their murder of Samuel Edelman. That failed plan to steal the Requa/Hoover Files was then revived in 1993, as instigated by the known Mafia associates of Mark L. Requa II, and assuredly by the FBI/Mafia remains of the Dallas power elite organized by H.L. Hunt and family with their creature of yore Roger Bowers. See attached history of the Mafia corruption of the Requa family by Mark L. Requa II.

           That this essential and planned-for element of the Mafia presence, within the post-JFK-murder FBI, continued then unabated past the Church Hearings is seen most clearly first with the John Paul Getty FBI/Mafia murder of Samuel Edelman in the plot to frame Stephen Requa into that murder and thereby remove him as controller for the Requa/Hoover Files that Getty had sought to obtain but had been denied by Requa. See link below and attachment:

           The panorama of Bush-associated ex-Nazi war criminals being funneled into the CIA and employed in the assassination of JFK under Allen Dulles was also very well documented by the phenomenal investigator and broadcaster Mae Brussell, as to be read in Fourth Reich USA6

             The fascist objective of making the FBI Mafia-allied and Mafia-infected was achieved by the JFK assassination; and, it is the most evident remaining and still-unrecognized and most major result of the JFK assassination.

           With little doubt, false flag operations and political assassinations — including those to maintain the JFK cover-up — have been and are continuing to be conducted by remaining Mafia-allied elements within the FBI, as Agent Collins formerly of Utah is alleged to have been, who employed, as evidenced and alleged in Criminal Complaints of record, Ralph Requa, Roger Bowers and others, including the Rev. Marsh, as accomplices and dupes into these operations of the highest level of global organized crime.

The overriding objective of the JFK assassination was the creation of global fascism based on limitless crimes expected to be made possible from the to-be-constructed Mafia-corrupted FBI (COINTELPRO) and by the ex-Nazi war criminal corrupted CIA as already then intact but as threatened for destruction by JFK with his firing of Allen Dulles.

The full exposure of the still deeply Mafia-corrupted FBI resulting from the JFK assassination is now at hand in the advancing exposure of the Utah Court Frauds of 1993 to steal the Requa/Hoover Files as organized by evident Mafia-allied elements in the Utah FBI and assuredly expected to have included the Hunt faction of FBI from Dallas.

Stanford Reconsidered


David Talbot: The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government

Stanford Reconsidered Compilation: Fourth Reich USA: Deconstructing Nazi America4 (Criminal Complaint)

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