Wednesday, May 18, 2016

David Von Pein has a page on Oswald being shot which includes an interview of James Leavelle from 11/24/63. I'll give you the link. But first, here is what Leavelle said:

"I saw Ruby step from the crowd. I saw the gun in his hand." 

But, the tapes show otherwise, that Leavelle never looked at Ruby or in his direction until AFTER the shot was fired.

"I had Oswald by the waistband of his trousers. I jerked him to pull him behind me." 

The waistband? Men's trousers don't have a waistband. Women's pants often do but not men's. Men's trousers are held up with a belt or suspenders. There's no tight elastic band. 

And if you were going to try to move somebody, why would you pull on his pants? Where's the leverage in that? Where's the mechanical advantage? 

But, the biggest problem with this is that, how could Leavelle "jerk" Oswald behind him when Oswald was being secured by another man on his other side: L.C. Graves. 

So, this whole thing was and is a lie. Leavelle didn't do it. And it's obvious that he started telling this lie from the beginning. 

"I succeeded in turning him enough that he caught the shot here (indicates) rather than directly in the center of his stomach."

No. That is nonsense. The reason the shot was off-center is because Ruby approached Oswald from an angle, and he shot him from an angle. Leavelle had nothing to do with setting it up.  He never even broke his stride. He never stopped walking. None of them did. 

As you can see, Oswald was not jerked behind Leavelle. Ruby is there, he has his gun in position, and he is about to fire. He may have been pulling the trigger at that very instant. Leavelle did nothing whatsoever to try to protect Oswald. 

Leavelle didn't even turn his head towards Ruby until it was over. That he tried to swing Oswald out of the line of fire is a bold-faced and despicable lie. It is a lie that James Leavelle has been telling for 53 years, and a lot of people have been enabling him to tell it. But of course, it is just one lie among so many in the JFK assassination. It is all a pack of lies. Here is the link: 

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