Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hi Ralph, who do you think the guy standing on or near the top of the entrance to the TSBD is? Seems the crowd are looking down Elm Street mostly so it appears the motorcade has gone by already.
Just wondering what your views are on this guy in the photo. Obviously there is no great commotion with police, public or anyone else running towards the building. And the fact that the guy appears to be staring straight ahead caught my attention.
Cheers, Aaron Paterson 

Aaron, I am 1000% convinced that that guy is fake, that he was put into the photo. To answer your question, he is supposed to be the Doorman: the same Doorman that we say is Oswald and that our opponents say is Lovelady. But, there was no one there in that spot at that time. Oswald had left for the lunch room. 

Here's how it looked with the real Oswald standing there, seconds before. 

So, that was several seconds before, and that's really Oswald. Here's a toggle back and forth between the two:

So, the one who seems taller and is looking down Elm is real, and he was Oswald. The other one who is looking straight ahead and looks as stiff as a Cigar Store Indian is not real, and he was placed in there to fill the spot. 

You see, the photographer, Dave Wiegman, was riding in the press car, and he was shooting straight ahead, as you would expect. But then, after they passed the TSBD, he must have heard a commotion or seen a stirring through the corner of his eye, so he started swinging around to his right to do a second pan of the doorway. 

But, Oswald was gone by that point. He was on his way to the lunch room. But, they couldn't leave his spot empty when Lovelady was supposed to be there, so they stuck that guy in there. These two are supposed to be the same man, same clothes.

Regardless of whom you think Doorman was, everyone should be able to admit that that cherubic guy on the left can't possibly be that gaunt, asthenic guy on the right. And notice the different lay of the shirts. 

This has been featured on the OIC website for years, since the beginning, and I am just as sure of it today as I was then. The second Wiegman Doorman was not real. He was not Oswald, not Lovelady, and not anybody we know. He was installed into the frame. The first Wiegman Doorman was real, and he was Oswald.


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