Thursday, May 26, 2016

So, Oswald was shot at the costochondral junction of the seventh rib. Let's review Dr. Perry's statement:

"There was a gunshot wound entrance over the left lower lateral (lower left ribs) chest wall and the bullet could be felt in the subcutaneous tissue (beneath the skin) on the opposite side of the body, over the right lower lateral chest cage.

So, the path of the bullet was from the left side of his rib cage to the right side. Oswald wasn't shot in the belly as most people believe. He was shot through his rib cage. 

So, let's try to find the image which shows "Ruby" doing it because if he did it, he had to be in position to do it. 

Let's start by looking at the two most famous images, the Beers photo which was taken a fraction of a second before the gun went off, and the Jackson photo which was taken a fraction of a second after it was fired. First Beers:

Well, he's got the gun pointed too low. Way too low. At that position, he might have blown a hole through Oswald's forearm. But if not, then it would have entered his abdomen directly. 

So, I don't consider that useful at all. Let's look at the Jackson photo.

No, that isn't going to work either. It's much too central. 

It's too central. He wasn't going to hit the costochondral junction of the 7th rib that way. 

Neither one of those work. So, let's go directly to the film. 

In the standard films that they like to show, the camera breaks away so that you don't actually see the shot happening. But, there is this:

So, there are three flesh-colored objects there in the center, going from lower to higher: Ruby's left hand, Ruby's right hand with the gun (center object) and Graves' hand around Oswald's arm. 

That's about as close as we're going to get to seeing the moment of impact. Is it right?

Before we decide, let's make the gun visible. 

Here it is in comparison to the anatomical model showing the 7th costochondral junction.

Hmmm. Well, I must admit: that does look like it could hit the undersurface of the 7th costchondral junction. I am not seeing any deal-breakers here. It does suggest that "Ruby" was in position to deliver the shot that the Parkland doctors found. But, I still say he wasn't Jack Ruby.  

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