Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Uh oh. They really blew it. Look at this frame. The sausage forearm of Jim Leavelle holding onto Oswald is completely disconnected from his upper arm.

There is no continuity there. You can see the point of Lavealle's shoulder. That's where his upper arm begins on top. Then you can see the line of his arm coming down. Then you see that weird sausage-like thing, which is supposedly his forearm delivering his hand to Oswald's pants, but it's not connected to his upper arm.

I told you. It's fake. They added it. And this proves it. 

You need to realize that it was 1963, and this kind of stuff was still in its infancy. It was crude compared to what they can do today. Today, with computer generated graphic, forget about it; they can do anything. They can start with nothing and make a whole scene that is no more real than a cartoon but it actually looks real. But, back then they couldn't do it, and they had to settle for crude stuff like this.

That is really bad. There is no way that Leavelle's arm could do that. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Stop the nonsense. Who is going to defend this? 

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