Saturday, May 28, 2016

I just thought of something funny. Remember the shipping department of the TSBD? It consisted of one guy. This guy:

Troy reported how he wrapped bundles of books for shipping in paper and string- much like Grandma did her fruitcake.  And like Grandma, he used the U.S. Post Office because he referred to himself as the "mail wrapper." Don't you find it strange that he would refer to packages of books in a shipping operation as mail? And how come he never referred to shipping whole boxes of books when their customers were schools? 

But, here's the funny part: In this operation, which consisted of just plopping and stacking boxes of books all over the place, and having these "order-fillers" hunt and peck for titles and bring them to Troy for wrapping, they actually had a "Conference room."

So, what kind of conferences did they have in that Conference room? And what did they confer about? Hmmm.

"Do you think we're paying Troy enough? After all, he is the whole shipping department."

"Yeah, I think so. He's not complaining."

"And do you think we have enough order-fillers?"

"Yeah, I think so. They're not complaining."

"Well, that's it for me. You got anything?" 


"How about 'dem Cowboys? You see the game on Sunday?"

Folks, the book distributing was just a front. The TSBD was a CIA front company. They were involved in espionage, spying on labor unions, tracking Communists, oh, and one more thing: killing the President of the United States. 

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