Friday, May 13, 2016

They are calling Gary Welsh's death a suicide, apparently, just because the gun was found next to his body. But, why couldn't that easily have been set up? 

A friend of his said that he was depressed because his blog wasn't making any money. But, my blog doesn't make any money, and I'm not depressed. I'm not killing myself over it. Don't most blogs not make money? Don't most bloggers blog for reasons other than making money? 

Plus, he was a lawyer. He had an office in downtown Indianapolis. He practiced all kinds of law. 

I realize that law practices don't necessarily have to do well, but overall, they are about the highest-paid profession. Plus, his friend didn't say that his law practice wasn't doing well. He only mentioned that his blog wasn't making much money. But, he had a lot of readers and followers- and there is no doubt about it- so, shouldn't he have been happy with that, as most bloggers are or would be? Most bloggers don't make a cent from what they do. I don't.  

We were told that police were going to look into his death and have an autopsy performed, but that was on May 1, and we haven't heard another word since. 

Let's look at it logically. There was nothing said about a suicide note; therefore, I presume there wasn't one because they would have said so if there were. 

But, would he kill himself that way? He was a smart man, so he had to know that his readers would wonder if he was murdered. Didn't he care about that? And what about his legal clients? I presume he had some. After all, he was paying rent. So, would he kill himself and just leave them hanging? Aren't lawyers usually devoted to their clients? And, I haven't even gotten to his family, friends, and loved ones. 

He reportedly made a statement to the effect: "If I'm not here, I predict Trump will win the Indiana primary." And people assume that meant he knew he might be committing suicide? But, that's ridiculous. Why assume that? I mean: if he might NOT commit suicide then why have that stigma attached to himself for all time? What about the idea that he suspected that he was being followed and monitored? Maybe he even received death threats. 

Here is a short announcement about his death on InfoWars, and I am putting it up mainly because of the comments that follow the short article, which are very good. Overwhelmingly, the readers thought he was murdered, and so do I:

I am making a public announcement right now: I would NEVER ever commit suicide. If you ever hear a report that I, Ralph Cinque, committed suicide, I'm telling you right here and now, ahead of time, that I was murdered. You can be 100% sure of it. Never would I ever commit suicide- under any circumstances.   

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