Saturday, May 28, 2016

Here are some interesting frames from the KLRD footage of the Oswald shooting. It starts with the broadcaster saying how concerned the Dallas Police are that someone will try to kill Oswald and all the precautions they were taking. 

So, you have "Ruby" rushing in and shooting Oswald. That's right about the time that the shot goes off.  But, look how close "Ruby" is to Graves. Graves doesn't do anything until AFTER the shot. Doesn't it seem he should have been scanning- turning his head- and caught on to "Ruby" before he got as far as he did?

This is my first time seeing Oswald sprawled on the ground after the shot. The scuffle with "Ruby" has already transpired, and the men surrounding him have danced him away. Collectively, working together, they moved "Ruby" out of the area in such a way that we never laid eyes on him again. That bothers me, and the reason it bothers me is because we never really got to see him in the first place. We never got to see his face.  We see him in profile to some extent, with his hat on course, and you really can't tell anything.

There is NO WAY anyone can claim from that that he was Ruby. There is no way that anyone can claim he's Ruby based on anything we see of him. The claim that he was Ruby is based on two things only: a) the fact that authorities tell us he was Ruby, and b) the fact that in relatively short order we do see the real Ruby being led around the police station. But, neither of those things amount to didley-squat.

And I realize that Ruby did take credit for doing it, but that doesn't mean didley-squat to me either. This is the JFK assassination we are talking about. 

A split-second before "Ruby" rushes in, Leavelle turns his head the other way- to his right- away from "Ruby". 

It's very distinct when you watch it at normal speed, and to me it appears that Leavelle was trying NOT to see Ruby.

Now, here is what our new Russian senior member wants you to see. First, "Ruby's" hat comes off.

Notice how much hair he has.

That looks like pretty good coverage to me. Here's Ruby:

Is that more coverage and thicker coverage on the left? It appears so to me.

Then, we have the weird scene in which they seem to be covering his head with something.

And that's it. We never get another glimpse of him. And the next time we see Oswald, he's being wheeled to the ambulance on a stretcher. 

Watching it at normal speed, and seeing how Oswald's head shakes from the jostling tells me that he really was out of it. He was gone. He was more listless than he could have ever faked. 

So, what I'm left thinking is that he really was shot, but not by the Jack Ruby of fame. Another guy, a Jack Ruby impostor, did it.

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